Posted by: ckckred | March 6, 2013

What Films Do You Want Me To Watch?

For the past few months, I’ve been stockpiling on DVDs and have yet to open up most of their plastic covering.  Since I’ve been so busy the past few weeks I haven’t had much time to watch any films so I thought I would turn to you, my readers, on to which films I should see.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee I can see any of them, but will try to see this by tomorrow.



  1. I would say The Deer Hunter.

    • That’s one I can’t believe I haven’t seen. Thanks for voting.

  2. I’ll tell you one that very few have seen but I absolutely love. It’s called Flame and Citron. I try to champion it any chance I get. It is a Dutch WW2 picture and it deserves a big audience.

    • I haven’t heard that film before. Is it available on Hulu or Netflix? Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Yes!!! I saw it through Netflix streaming. I don’t know if it’s still available to stream but I know it’s on Netflix. It was also showing on the Sundance Channel or IFC a while back. Tremendous film.

  3. The Big Lebowski, I would love to hear your views on that.

    • That’s one I can’t believe I haven’t seen. Thanks for voting.

      • WHAAAAAAA?!?
        Get on it!

  4. Definitely the Big Lebowski. Classic stuff!

    • That’s a film I can’t believe I haven’t seen, especially since I’m a huge Coen brothers fan. Thanks for voting.

  5. I Voted Three Colours. That’s 3 films for the price of one – win! The others are all great too. Although – Wild Strawberries – will it be your first Bergman? Because I don’t think it’s his best by a long shot!

    • I’ve seen The Seventh Seal before. I was planning on watching Persona but unfortunately the Criterion Collection doesn’t have a copy of it and the only DVD I could find of it costs more than $50. Can you recommend some Bergman films for me? Thanks for voting.

      • Persona is great (if you can find it a little cheaper!!) I personally think Summer Interlude is excellent, and it’s probably one of his most accessible films. I also recommend Through a Glass Darkly and Autumn Sonata. If you want a challenge, then Cries and Whispers is one of his finest, but it’s very hard to watch. I’m not sure what it is, but i’m just not a fan of Wild Strawberries, it just seems a bit messy, I think his later work is much better. I must admit – i’ve never seen the Seventh Seal – do you recommend it?

      • Oh yeah, it’s a great movie. I fully recommend seeing it.

      • I really have to add Winter Light and Hour of the Wolf to a must see Bergman list as my personal choices in addition to Persona.

  6. Watch the big Lebowski! This movie is awesome =)

    • If it wins, I will. Thanks for voting.

  7. I voted for Three Colors as well. With the exception of Floating Weeds (which is my Blind Spot Series), I’ve seen everything else and I recommend them all. I just think Three Colors is outstanding trilogy from one of the world’s great filmmakers and could never be topped by anyone.

    • I’ve been waiting to see Three Colors for a long time. Thanks for voting.

  8. Big Lebowski, no doubt!

    • That’s a movie I’m always embarrassed to say I’ve never seen. Thanks for voting.

  9. Breathless and Wild Strawberries are the best here. 🙂

    • I hope to see them soon. Thanks for voting.

  10. It has got to be THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The best comedy I have ever seen! Hands down winner. Just look at the director and cast 🙂

    Did you get a chance to watch Solaris yet? If you watch it, I think a post discussing 2001 and Solaris would be fab.

    • Can I vote more than once lol? (Just kidding.)

    • That’s winning so far. I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet.

      I’m going to see Solaris either today or tomorrow. I’ll post a review by the weekend. Thanks for voting.

      • Yours is the only blog of the kind I follow. It is thoughtful and written very well. I am glad to have found it. I think what puts it over the top is the personal commitment you take in responding to the majority of the comments made.

        Sure I know our movie tastes overlap greatly, but it is more than that. Your blog is a class act. I don’t know you personally, but it says a lot about your character.

        Keep up the awesome work! I Whenever I am on the internet, I make sure to check for new entries.

        As a side note today, at the checkout of K-mart, I spotted a copy of The Shining for 5 bucks! That was a great impulse buy lol.

      • Thanks! On the side note, I have finally watched The Big Lebowski and it did not disappoint. I’ll be writing a review in a few days but I think it even tops NCFOM as the Coen brothers’ best film.

      • Great to hear! I think it should easily make top ten lists as best comedy ever.

  11. I voted Eyes Wide Shut – it’s utterly intriguing and very beautiful (the aesthetics more than the story…).

    • That’s one I need to see. I’ve seen all of Kubrick’s movies except that, Lolita, and Fear and Desire. Thanks for voting.

  12. I voted for the Three Colors trilogy since I plan on seeing them soon myself, but I’m most curious to hear what you will think about The Big Lebowski.

    • The Three Colors Trilogy is one I have to see soon. TBL is winning so far, and I think I might watch that one tonight. Thanks for voting.

  13. So I take it you’re a blind buyer?

    • Yeah, I pretty much buy a bunch of DVDs at a time and usually don’t have time to see them immediately. Thanks for commenting.

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