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What I Expect From The Oscar Show

I talk about the Oscar show

I talk about the Oscar show

The Oscars are this Sunday, and while many are probably focusing on who will (or should) win awards, I’d like to discuss the actual Oscar show.  In recent years the Academy has been revamping the show with mixed results.  2011’s ceremony with James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts was deemed by many as the worst Oscars ever and even Billy Crystal’s return last year met mixed reviews.

This year’s host is Seth MacFarlane, creator of the TV series Family Guy and director of the recent comedy Ted.  MacFarlane is a risky choice, known for his edgy humor, but how will he do at the Oscars?

I’m actually not quite sure.  I have to confess to not being a fan of Family Guy, though I do think MacFarlane is a talented comedian.  And it’s not that I have anything against edgy humor (I defended Ricky Gervais’ performance at the Golden Globes).  But I don’t exactly think MacFarlane is the right pick for a host.  Plus he has big shoes to fill after Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s job at the Golden Globes.

But for me, the problem with the Oscars is the incredible length.  The show lasts about four hours long and isn’t very well-paced.  The Academy has tried fixing this with a series of altercations, such as shortening the honorary Oscar speeches, but the real solution is the order of the awards.  The four major Oscars: actor, actress, director, and picture, are all during the last half hour in hope that viewers will stick around to see them.

My suggestion is that the Oscars try to diversify the major awards.  They could still keep Best Picture last but put actor, actress, and director throughout the ceremony.  This would not only pace the show better but add more tension throughout the night and make it more interesting.

But what do you want from the Oscars?


  1. What Do I Want??? Hmm. Something UN-Boring. Something That Makes Me Enjoy The Oscars Again. I Used To Watch Them With Great Joy. Lately, I’ve Been Bored Out Of My Mind With Them. And I’d Like To See A DESERVING Film Win Best Picture. It Doesn’t Happen Much Anymore. “The Artist”? Really?? What A Terrible Choice, Academy Voters. Just Terrible. 😉

    • Good point. I think the Oscars really need to revamp the show. I’ve noticed with a lot of their choices of lately have been big crowd pleasers like The King’s Speech. While I did like The Artist, I would have given The Tree of Life, The Descendants, or Drive (which wasn’t nominated) Best Picture over it. Thanks for commenting.

  2. There’s one thing I wanted from the Oscars for several years now. Robert Downey Jr. as host!!!!! Can you imagine the fun there?

    • Robert Downey Jr. would make a great Oscar host. I think he’s presenting this year. Thanks for commenting.

      • They often get him to present mainly because he’s usually the funniest thing in the entire show. He cracks me up every time!

  3. I think Seth MacFarlane is a decent choice. They’ve tried the standard boring presenters in the past and it’s been so dull. It might be nice to have someone with some actual personality do it for a change.

    • Good point. The Oscars really need to spark up their show, particularly after James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s performance. I hope this year the show will be more original. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I hope Seth doesn’t hold back!

    • I think he’s going to do something unexpected. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I think this show is gonna be a long one, especially with all the music tributes/performances they’re planning on doing.

    Still, I’m really looking forward to it. MacFarlane is a good choice to host.

    • Yeah, I feel they’re going to stretch it out this year. Hopefully MacFarlane can keep it at a good pace. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Four hours is definitely too long. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the 7pm start time includes the Red Carpet Live! pre-show. The actual Oscars will start at 8:30pm and run until 11:30pm making it a scheduled 3 hours. That’s still too long, especially if it runs over. Whoopi Goldberg had a problem with keeping the show moving. She actually holds the record with the longest show ever: 4 hours, 23 minutes in 2002 when A Beautiful Mind won. Back in 1956 when Marty won Best Picture the show actually ran 1 hour 30 minutes. I kind of like that length..

    • The Oscars always run over. I wish they trimmed the show”s running time as I typically just check the winners’ speeches on Youtube now. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I’m looking forward to watching Seth MacFarlane as host. I’d have to agree though that the Oscars can get a little boring.

    • Yeah, the Oscars do have a long running time and they tend to be slowly paced. Thanks for commenting.

  8. After seeing MacFarlane on SNL I honestly think he has the potential to be a really great host. I’d love to see things get a little less PC at the oscars anyway, but I like your suggestions of moving the big categories around throughout the night

    • I agree the Oscars need to make things edgier, particularly after some of the dull shows in recent years and I think MacFarlane can pull it off. I feel the Oscars will be better paced if they moved around the awards. Thanks for commenting.

  9. A fun host and even funnier cameos.

    I liked Arnold and Stallone’s presentation speech at the Golden Globes. Something like that combined with Ricky Gervais as the host would be great.


    • I’m hoping for the best this Sunday. Hopefully the show will be very entertaining. Thanks for commenting.

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