Posted by: ckckred | February 21, 2013

Talking About Blu-Rays

I discuss Blu-Rays

I discuss Blu-Rays

A few days ago I went down to my local video store (which may be one of the last remaining in the world) and asked if they had a copy of Boogie Nights.  They only had a regular copy, and I decided to opt out and buy a Blu-Ray copy online.

This brings me to my discussion for today’s post: blu-rays.  When I got a Blu-Ray player, I’ve only bought Blu-Ray copies, except when there isn’t one available.  Recently I’ve been updating my collection to Blu-Rays, which some people, including plenty of close friends, call “a waste of money.”

Part of my instinct on Blu-Rays is the picture quality, which greatly improves over regular DVDs.  While some studios tend to update their films to HD rather lazily (the transfer of 2010: The Year We Make Contact is rather poor), when they’re done well, they make an enormous difference.  The Criterion Collection, in particular, does a great job of restoring films.  Their transfers make it worth it to own a Blu-Ray player by itself.  The Blu-Ray set of Apocalypse Now is also very well restored, supervised by director Francis Ford Coppola.  The colors and scenery are vibrant in the film and the sound quality is top-notch.

Blu-Ray copies for me are very rewarding.  Maybe they cost a little bit more but in my opinion they are worth the price.


  1. Absolutely! It’s Blu-ray or nothing for me. My main reason is for audio quality. I’m a bit of a home theater junkie and love to get the best audio quality for my speakers. Nothing like a great sounding film to go along with picture perfect video. Audio is half the experience.

    • I agree about the audio. It improves vastly over DVDs and really improves the experience. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Blu rays rule… its gotta be Blu Ray for me. Streaming has a long way to go, plus, you cant beat actually OWNING a movie. 😀

    • I agree. Owning a dvd is far better with streaming. I always look over the special features after seeing a film, plus I found streaming a film hurts the quality. Thanks for commenting.

  3. All about blu-rays for me too since getting a blu-ray player a few years back. While I’m not making a big effort to re-buy DVDs, anything new I’m buying is blu-ray only. It’d take something pretty big for me to even contemplate buying it in DVD if that’s the only release for it.

    Nothing beats the audio and visual quality. Not yet anyway.

    • The quality is superb and can’t be beaten in my opinion. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Meh, I would prefer the blu-ray but I am also real cheap, or trying to be at least. Damn you preschool tuition payments. At this point I scour amazon for cheap deals on used dvd’s unless it’s something major like that LOTR Blu-ray box set I picked up for the misses at Christmas.

    • I usually take a similar approach in finding regular DVDs when I can’t afford Blu-Rays. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Yeah, ever since I bought a PS3 a couple years ago, I have been getting nothing but Blu-rays. I don’t buy movies often, but when there’s a good deal on a Blu-ray box set, I have a hard time passing them up.

    • I as well. The other day I saw a Scarface blu-ray being sold less than $10 and I had to buy it. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I do the same thing. When I buy a new movie I get a Blu-ray copy. Now it seems like most new movies come in a DVD and Blu-ray combo pack and it’s only a couple of dollars more. I have plenty of those too. But personally, I love Blu-ray.

    • I do have a few Blu Ray DVD combos as well. Blu-rays really make a difference in quality for me and don’t mind spending the extra money. Thanks for commenting.

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