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What Is The Biggest Oscar Snub Of All Time?

The Oscars will be announcing their winners next week, and I’m planning on writing up some Oscar related posts.    So this week, I’ll be asking another Oscar-related question: what’s the biggest Oscar snub?

The Academy somehow overlooked 2001

The Academy somehow overlooked 2001

My answer is 2001: A Space Odyssey for Best Picture.  In my opinion, Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director in film history and I’m absolutely stunned that this didn’t get a nomination (I’d also like to throw in The Shining, which received zero nominations).  The movie which won in 1968, Oliver, is ultimately pretty forgettable and I doubt any major film critic would call it essential filmmaking.  2001, on the other hand, is and it’s my second favorite movie of all time.

But what’s your answer?


  1. okay, now as a superhero fan I think one of The Dark Knight trilogy was worthy of recognition, TDK mostly should have had a nomination in 2009. My movie tastes are varied, appreciating a blockbuster as much as an arthouse or less mainstream film. TDK received both critical and audience acclaim with many speculating at the time that it was time for oscar to take note as superhero movies had grown up. In the same year, There Will be Blood was overlooked as No Country for Old Men won, TWBB was much superior in my view, but generally there have been some very dodgy nominations over the years. I enjoy the Oscars, but it’s the same type of movie that wins in most cases, and The Academy is slow to move with the times and what audiences say.

    • I agree The Dark Knight should have been nominated. I didn’t like Slumdog Millionaire, which won that year, and felt TDK was vastly superior to that. I love TWBB as much as I do NCFOM, so I’m fine with that winning. For me, the Oscars tend to favor unambitious movies, which I why I disagree with them very often. Thanks for commenting.

      • You’re welcome, slumdog is an excellent, no way is that a best film winner, enjoyable yes, but not the best.

  2. Probably Martin Scorsese not getting nominated for Taxi Driver. I still think Rocky should have won Best Picture that year, so saying he should have WON would mean a split between best director and best picture, which is rare. But he didnt even get nominated that year, that’s just cold.

    • I agree, Scorsese should have been nominated for Best Director. Taxi Driver’s my favorite film by him and I’m not sure why he was snubbed seeing how the film was nominated for Best Picture. Thanks for commenting.

    • Taxi Driver is a good call, although I would go with that taking both best picture and director over Rocky.

      • I would as well. I thought Taxi Driver, Network, and All the President’s Men were stronger films than Rocky. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I just watched Taxi Driver (finally!!) and I agree. Scorcese not being nominated for that is terrible.
    Peter O’Toole not winning EVER still makes me mad. Alfred Hitchcock not winning best director EVER also makes me very mad. There are a bunch where somebody didn’t win for the performance I think they should have (Marlon Brando in a Streetcar Named Desire for example), but then they won other times so that helps it out a bit. Those are the two that stand out in my mind because they never won so the academy had to give them pity oscars when they should have won long before.

    • Glad you agree with Scorsese. I’m shocked Hitchcock and Peter O’Toole were never nominated. I’ve often had the same idea that the Oscars give out pity awards when they should have won awards before (Al Pacino is a good example, he should have won for his performance in The Godfather Part II but won for Scent of a Woman). Thanks for commenting.

      • Sorry, Peter O’Toole and Hitchcock were nominated multiple times but never won. Sorry for misleading there. Hitchcock was nominated 5 times I think, and O’Toole like 8 (he’s the most nominated for lead actor without winning). So at least they did get nominated, that’s something.

      • Oh, I actually meant won. I made a typo there. O’Toole won an honorary Oscar before. I think both of them should have won.

  4. Scorsese, Nolan, and (of course, I have to mention him) Wes Anderson have been snubbed by the Academy for almost their entire careers. Of course, some of Kubrick’s and Hitchcock’s best were poorly recieved upon release and ignored as well. I’m not really sure what the biggest snub of all-time has been. Perhaps 2001, Raging Bull, or Vertigo not winning. Unfortunately, it’s probably impossible for any awards ceremony to only award the most worthy candidates year in and year out.

    • Good point. The Academy really has ignored many great directors and it’s hard to believe movies like The Shining and Vertigo weren’t perceived as classics as they are today. Raging Bull and Vertigo being snubbed definitely ranks high up there on the Oscars’ greatest mistake. Thanks for commenting.

  5. The Dark Knight. Nothing else comes to mind right away.


    • That’s one of the biggest snubs in recent years. I thought it was better than all the other nominees in 2008.

  6. I have to commit heresy here (as you’ve stated how high 2001 ranks for you). I personally prefer Solaris (1972), which is considered Tarkovsky’s reply to 2001, though it is based on a novel by Lem. Solaris shows in much greater depth the effects of technology on the human pysche. Perhaps it is unfair to compare the two movies, but many do. Both Solaris and Stalker by Tarkovsky are masterpieces I don’t think could be conceived of by an American director in terms of atmosphere and pacing (hence why so many American viewers don’t get these movies at all and just think they are slow and boring).

    • I haven’t seen Solaris or Stalker, though I’ve heard plenty of comparisons of Solaris to 2001. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try to watch them soon.

  7. I think the fact that Stanley Kubrick never won Best Director is somewhat of an injustice. Not that it would have made much difference as I can’t imagine him really being that bothered about that kind of thing.

    • I agree, it’s blasphemous Stanley Kubrick never won. It’s amazing to see how many great directors never won an Oscar. Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, and David Lynch never won either and it was only until The Departed did Scorsese win. Thanks for commenting.

  8. So many. Citizen Kane comes to mind. That one seems like it should have won. 2001, as great as it is, is understandable for not winning. Not to say it shouldn’t have won, but I understand why it didn’t. Its not populist enough for the Oscars.

    • I agree. Even if it came out today, I still doubt the Oscars would embrace 2001 because it still polarizes audiences today. Plenty of Kubrick movies have done that and it’s shameful that he’s never won. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Not the BIGGEST snub of all time, but I could never fathom how The Simpsons Movie couldn’t get a nomination for Best Animated film and Surf’s Up did. smh

    • I agree. While I haven’t seen Surf’s Up, I doubt it’s better than The Simpsons Movie. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Drive is the biggest snub of 2011.

    • I agree. I was at least expecting Albert Brooks to get a nomination but even he was snubbed.

  11. Mine has been mentioned. I was sooo pissed when The Dark Knight wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture. Give me a break!!!!

    • I was as well. I thought it was the best film of the year and much better than any of the other nominees. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Leonardo DiCaprio being snubbed! Im not a fan of TDKR or Avengers or any superhero movies.

    • I was really disappointed that DiCaprio was snubbed. I expected him to get a nomination. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Martin Scorsese not getting a Best Director nomination for Taxi Driver.

    • I agree. Taxi Driver’s an all time favorite of mine, and he should have been nominated.

      • It’s a favourite of mine as well.

  14. Leon is one of my alltime favourite films, so I’m a little gutted it didn’t get any Oscar love.

    • I was surprised to see it snubbed as well.

  15. There are a lot of directors that weren’t nominated that should have been, but the biggest snub in my opinion is The Searchers: it didn’t gain a single nomination.

    • Believe it or not, I haven’t seen The Searchers yet, though I just recently got a blu-ray copy. I’m shocked that it didn’t receive any nominations at all, despite that it’s one of the most critically praised films of all time. Thanks for commenting.

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