Posted by: ckckred | February 10, 2013

Which Film Are You Rooting For To Win Best Picture?

The Oscars will announce their winners in a few weeks so I thought today I’d ask who you think should win Best Picture.  The nominees this year include AmourLincolnArgoLife of PiDjango Unchained, Silver Linings PlaybookLes MiserablesBeasts of the Southern Wild, and Zero Dark Thirty.

I hope Amour will take the top prize this year

I hope Amour will take the top prize this year

My vote would go to Michael Haneke’s Amour.  I know it has no chance, seeing on how it is a foreign film against steep competition.  But it was great to see it nominated and I’m glad the Oscars nominated it.

But what about you?


  1. I’d like to see Beasts of the Southern Wild win. I really enjoyed it.

    • It would be great to see Beasts win. It was a fantastic movie. Thanks for commenting.

  2. The Dark Knight Rises. Oh wait, it was thrown aside. Moonrise Kingdom! Hold on, it was snubbed. Ok, enough horseplay. I’d like to see Beasts win. Beautifully tragic little film. I’m also interested in seeing if Argo will continue to be a fly in the Academy’s soup. No Affleck directing nomination makes that a long shot though.

    • I was really disappointed that both TDKR and Moonrise Kingdom were snubbed by the Oscars. The Academy didn’t even give a single nomination to TDKR.

      I would love to see Beasts win. I think Argo has the best shot of winning Best Picture since it has won the PGA and DGA award, even though Ben Affleck wasn’t nominated. Thanks for commenting.

      • You know it’s going to be interesting. I wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago about Argo and its omission. I think politics may be a part of it and Ben Affleck will face the punishment. But the movie’s recent wins puts the Academy in a tough spot and I love it.

  3. I rooting for Silver Linings Playbook, because it was my favorite film of the year. I think Lincoln’s actually going to win though, but I hope I’m wrong. If The Master had been nominated I would be rooting for it because I think it was the best of the year, but clearly the Academy didn’t see it that way.

    • SLP is great and I’d love to see it get some appreciation. I feel the races narrows down between Lincoln and Argo.

      Glad to see some love for The Master. It was too polarizing for an Oscar nom but I would love to see that win. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I still have yet to see all of them, but I’d like to see Life of Pi win. And even though I haven’t seen it, I wouldn’t mind Amour winning, just because it’s a foreign film.

    • Life of Pi was great and I feel it will sweep all the technical awards. I highly recommend Amour and I was happy the Oscars gave it some appreciation. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Although I still havent seen it, Id have to vote for Django 🙂

    • Django was pretty awesome and I would love for the Academy to give some appreciation to Tarantino. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I would have voted for Rust and Bone but obviously that’s not possible so maybe Beasts? I guess Lincoln will take it though.

    • I still need to see Rust and Bone.

      Beasts was such a beautiful little film. It’d be great to see it win. I think Argo will probably take Best Picture but it’s pretty hard to predict the winners this year. Thanks for commenting.

  7. I’ve yet to see Lincoln, Argo and Amour but for me, so far, it would be Beasts of the Southern Wild. A little gem of a film.

    • Beasts was an amazing movie. I hope the Oscars will give it some appreciation. Thanks for commenting.

  8. I am divided between Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild, though want Amour to win slightly more! hehe, although knowing the Academy the winner is likely to be….well – Lincoln, (Argo) or Zero Dark Thirty, along these lines.

    • I would love to see Amour win but I have a feeling the Oscars will choose Argo. This year had a pretty good set of nominees.

  9. It’s Argo’s to lose and I would be fine with it winning as well as Silver Linings and Lincoln which are essentially #2 and #3 in the race at the moment.

    • Argo will probably win. This year had a pretty strong set of nominees. The only movie I didn’t like up there was Les Miserables. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Lincoln. And I think it will.

    • Lincoln would be my second choice after Amour. I think it’s between that and Argo for Best Picture. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I’ve not seen them all to be honest but I would be quite happy for either Life of Pi or Silver Linings Playbook. Or, just to be mischievous, I’d liked Amour to win and then not win best foreign film and see how the Academy explain it!

    • It’d be great to see Life of Pi winning. It would be pretty funny to see if Amour loses Best Foreign picture and win Best Picture. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Here’s hoping The Master still wins. 😉

    • I would have loved to see The Master get nominated but it was too polarizing for the Oscars. One of the biggest mistakes the Academy has ever made. Thanks for commenting.

      • Indeed. I’ve wrote a post predicting the winners, along with the ones I’d hope would win – pretty much every one is The Master. :L

  13. Anything but Lincoln. LOL (I’m serious though) 🙂

    • What would be your first choice?

  14. Argo and Silver LInings Playbook are most deserving out of the group…and of the 2, I hope Argo wins.

    • I feel Argo will take Best Picture. This definitely was a pretty good slate of Best Picture nominees, one of the stronger ones in recent years. Thanks for commenting.

  15. I vote for Django Unchained. It probably took some cinematic liberties with historical facts. Still I enjoyed the movie.

    Argo looks set to be the winner, based on its success at the Golden Globes and BAFTA awards.


    • I’d like to see Quentin Tarantino take an Oscar. I have a feeling Argo will get Best Picture. Thanks for commenting.

  16. Life of Pi!

    • Great movie. I really loved it and would be happy to see it win.

      • I’m hoping Lee will take Best Director, its between him and Spielberg in my opinion.

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