Posted by: ckckred | February 5, 2013

The Best and Worst Superbowl Ads of 2013


Yesterday’s game ended with the Ravens beating the 49ers 34 to 31.  This year’s game was good (except for the fifteen minute blackout), but the game’s ads were pretty bad.  They’ve been weak in recent years and this year was one of the worst.  That being said, there were some good ones.  Here are my picks for the best and worst ads (I’ve linked the videos for the best below.  I don’t ever want to see the worst ones again).


6. Ram Trucks, “God Made a Farmer”

To be honest, I actually didn’t remember it was a Ram commercial until I looked it up.  But I really enjoyed the ad, saluting the farmers of America, even though it was a little overly sentimental.

5. Budweiser Clydesdales, “Reunion”

Am I falling for these sentimental ads?  Okay, I always like the Budweiser Clydesdales comercials and this one was pretty good and heart warming.

4. Oreo, “Whisper Fight”

Just the idea of people fighting over whether the cookie or cream of Oreos is funny, but Oreos made it even funnier by having it set in a library so everyone had to be quiet.  Perhaps not the most original idea in the book, but it had a lot of laughs.

3. Doritos, “Goat 4 Sale”

Doritos has been killing at the Superbowl lately and this is one of their best ads.  A guy buys a Doritos-loving goat, which soon becomes homicidal when the guy hoards all of the chips.  It was pretty funny.

2. Mercedes-Benz, “Soul”

It’s got William Dafoe as Satan (now he’s played both the Devil and Jesus).  What more can you want?

1. Best Buy, “Asking Amy”

I’m a big Parks and Rec fan, so I was excited when I heard Amy Poehler was going to be in a Superbowl ad.  It lived up to the hype and it was pretty funny (best commercial of the night by far).

The Worst

5. Wonderful Pistachios, “Crackin’ Gangnam Style”

Seriously, Gangnam style needs to stop.  Really.

4. Go Daddy, “Investment”

I’m pretty sure this is the first Go Daddy ad which didn’t have scantily clad women.  Go Daddy is a usual offender for the worst commercials (this is one of the two that made the list) and this one wasn’t just offensive, it wasn’t funny.  Was the idea of a nagging wife and lazy husband still fresh and original?

3. Volkswagon, “Get Happy”

A man has a volkswagon which makes him happy… so he dons a Jamaican accent.  This one had some controversy before debuting and it wasn’t funny at all.

2. Coca-Cola, “The Chase”

The premise behind the ad: cowboys, arabs, and showgirls attempting to get some Coca-Cola first, is funny, but then Coca-Cola tried to put social networking in by making viewers pick who would win.  Seriously, who really cares?

1. Go Daddy, “The Kiss”

Yes, Go Daddy had a commercial of Bar Refaeli kissing a stereotypical nerd for about thirty seconds with a sound effect that sounds like a guy eating a plateful of spaghetti.  Bad, even by Go Daddy’s incredibly low standards.



  1. I really didn’t see a Super Bowl commercial that I thought stood out this year. In fact I was pretty pissed at them. So many were soaked in innuendo or sexual overtones. Can’t even watch commercials during a ball game with my young kiddos without worrying what they’ll see. It’s a sign of the times. (I now step down from my soapbox)

    • The ads have really declined in recent years and I agree they’ve been getting cruder. I don’t think anyone actually likes those Go Daddy ones. Thanks for commenting.

      • I did all that babbling and didn’t even mention my favorite – THE GOAT!!!!! YES!!!

  2. I’d reshuffle the order on your bests, IMO, but you’re spot on with your worsts! LOL Gangham style does indeed need to stop! 😀 And the Go Daddy commercial was awful, but then again, they usually are.

    • Glad you agree. Gangnam Style has gotten really old and Go Daddy is a repeat offender for making the worst list. Thanks for commenting.

  3. That Bar Refaeli commercial was horrible and very offensive. The more I read about this gal the less I respect her, I have no idea why someone would agree to be in such a degrading commercial and it goes for both her and the kid too.

    • I agree. It was just disgusting and unfunny. Go Daddy needs a new ad agency. Thanks for commenting.

  4. The Oreo commercial is awesome!

    • Yeah, it was really good.

  5. My favorite was the Audi commercial in the 1st or 2nd Quarter.

    • That was a good one.

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