Posted by: ckckred | January 31, 2013

The 10 Best 30 Rock Episodes

Rosemary's Baby is number one on my list

Rosemary’s Baby is number one on my list

Since 30 Rock ends today, I thought I might name the 10 best episodes of the series.

10. 100

I feel that 30 Rock lost its steam after season 3, but for me this remains one of the show’s strongest episodes.  My favorite part still remains Alec Baldwin’s self-referential speech.

9. Fireworks

The first of the many Will Arnett appearances of the show remains the best.  I’m a huge Arrested Development fan, and I was pleased to see him on.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with Tracy’s planned Thomas Jefferson movie.

8. Ludachristmas

The encounter between Jack’s and Liz’s parents make this episode golden, plus it’s got Any Richter in it.  What’s not to like?

7. The Funcooker

Just the title made me laugh out loud, which has a secret dirty meaning.

6. Succession

It’s a parody of Amadeus, plus it has Rip Torn.

5. Larry King

Tracy’s interview with Larry King always makes me laugh.

4. Gavin Volure

I’m a big fan of Steve Martin, and he’s great in this episode.

3. Tracy Does Conan

The best episode of the first season has everything done right.  Conan O’Brien’s great, and his interview with Tracy is hilarious.

2. Apollo, Apollo

Just Kenneth’s daydreams of everyone as puppets make this episode appear on the list.

1. Rosemary’s Baby

Everything in Rosemary’s Baby is done perfectly, especially Jack’s imitation of Tracy’s dad.



  1. I love this show…I watched the first season on DVD and look forward to watching the rest one day.

    • I love 30 Rock as well. I remember once I had a marathon where I watched half of season 2 in a day.

  2. Love, love love that you made this list! I don’t know if I’d even be able to get my list down to ten, I’d end up including pretty much everything on the first 2 season, lol

    • Thanks! It was really hard to make this list, especially since I had to cut so many good episodes.

  3. I enjoy this show for Baldwin and Tracy’s performances. Hope they go out with a bang tonight.


    • I hope the finale’s great as well.

      • I look forward to your thoughts on the finale.


  4. I love 30 Rock, too! I jumped on the bang wagon late with this show, but i’m glad that I stumbled onto it.

    My favorite is Tracy Does Conan. That episode is so funny, especially when Tracy comes out and starts dancing. OH, the thought of that just cracks me up. I didn’t realize how good of an actor Tracy Morgan is until I watched him in 30 Rock.

    • I’ll miss 30 Rock.

      Tracy Does Conan is great. I just love when Conan tries to do an interview with him. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Generalissimo is definitely my favorite, if only for the soap opera scene where The Generalissimo straps dynamite to a boy’s head.

    • I feel bad about not putting Generalissimo. That’s definitely in my top 15. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Yes! Jack’s imitation of Tracy’s dad. Is the best thing ever! I was seriously in tears of laughter watching that episode for the first time ahahaha xD

    • I’ve seen that part about fifteen times and it’s as funny each time. Thanks for commenting.

      • I shared your post around on twitter, people reacted quite well, I hope some commented here 😀

  7. After Baldwin did the multiple 70s black sitcom characters and I stopped crying from laughing, I said loudly, “just give him the Emmy now–no one is beating that.”

    • I think he won the Emmy for the episode and deservingly. That scene never fails to make me laugh.

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