Posted by: ckckred | January 27, 2013

What’s Your Opinion On Sequels?

The classic sci-fi film Blade Runner is set to have a sequel sometime soon

The classic sci-fi film Blade Runner is set to have a sequel sometime soon

Within the past few months, a lot has happened in Hollywood.  Producers are planning new sequels to classic films like Raging Bull and Blade Runner, plus there’s going to be a reboot of Star Wars.  This inspired today’s question: what’s your take on sequels?

I’m very uneasy about them.  Sequels tend not to turn out well typically and can often be disappointing (Indiana Jones 4).  The sequel to Raging Bull, now titled The Bronx Bull, is not likely to be a success since neither Martin Scorsese nor Robert De Niro is involved with the project.  While Blade Runner 2 will be directed by Ridley Scott,  I’m not sure he can conjure up the same magic as the original, which ended perfectly.

I’m more hopeful for Star Wars Episode VII, mostly because it’s in the hands of not George Lucas but J. J. Abrams, who has proven himself worthy of the genre through his reboot of Star Trek and Super 8.  I don’t know how it will turn out, but I do think it could be potentially good.

But what’s your take?



  1. Sequels can be good, but only if they add further to the plot of the original story. I think they do better that way. If the writer and producers just repeat what was done before, but with better special effects, it tends to put me off.

    I liked the first three Star Wars movies because we saw Luke transform from a simple farm boy to a full Jedi knight and confront his father. Leia and Han started out with a conflict in the first movie (bad boy vs. somewhat haughty princess) and developed a closer relationship in the next two movies.

    The first three Star Wars movies also had a lot of humor. To my mind, the second set did not, so I didn’t like them as much.

    Who knows…maybe Hollywood will surprise us yet…..

    • Good point with Star Wars. The original series progressed so well since the writing was original.

  2. For the most part I like them when the maintain the spirit of the original: The Godfather, original Star Wars, original trilogy Indy films. Or if they are based on a series of books: Harry Potter, James Bond.

    Now the Transformers I don’t get, but then again they made money.

    • I agree that sequels need to maintain the spirit that went into the originals which makes sequels like The Godfather Part II and The Empire Strikes Back so great. I’m always stunned about the popularity of Transformers.

  3. A sequal can be good or bad. If they do a sequel because they have a great idea and they honor the original movies, it can be great. Unfortunately they often do a sequel only for the sake of making money, that’s when truly shitty sequels come along -.-

    • Oh, I hate those money-making sequels. There usually the laziest of them, like the fact Hollywood keeps making Transformer movies.

  4. For the most part I suppose I’m okay with sequels. I feel like they work a lot better if they do them continuously instead of coming back years after the fact, but sometimes those work too. Everybody hates on Indy 4 but personally I liked it. Maybe it’s because I never got to experience the original ones when they actually came out, but regardless I enjoy watching the film. The Star Wars prequels on the other hand, I do not enjoy as much or even as close to the degree of the originals. I just hope they do a good job with the next ones and I think there are worse people to direct than Abrams.
    I read somewhere that they are thinking of doing a Casablanca sequel and if that actually happens I think I will go insane. Over half of the charm of that film is the cast, so if they don’t have the original actors it’s going to fail (I think).
    I haven’t yet seen Raging Bull but it seems odd that they would do a sequel to that.
    I would have thought Ridley Scott would stay away from returning to his previous stuff after everybody hated on Prometheus so much. I haven’t seen any of those movies, but I was surprised to read that he would go back to Blade Runner after that. I didn’t really get the original Blade Runner so I don’t really have an opinion on the sequel. I plan to rewatch that soon though.
    I also read somewhere that Tarantino might do a sequel to Django which would suck in my opinion because Schultz is already dead and he was the best part. But that article said he might do like everything under the sun so it didn’t sound very certain.

    • Sequels often do have a harder time than the originals because they set a bar, which is the reason why so many disappoint. The ones that are the best expand of the originals (The Godather Part II, Empire), but the weakest don’t.

      Blade Runner for me ended so perfectly I really hope Scott doesn’t try a sequel. Django Unchained probably doesn’t need one as well, because it ended on a strong note. Thanks for commenting.

  5. The kind of sequels that I tend to enjoy expand upon the universe of the original movie. I like sequels that could stand by themselves as great films. For that reason, The Empire Strikes Back is, in my opinion, one of the best examples of a well-made follow-up. Also, Empire is quite darker than its predecessor. I think this change of mood really strengthened the trilogy because the movies embraced the full spectrum of emotions.

    I probably prefer sequels to be this way because I want them to be compared to the original as little as possible. Each movie should be a unique work of art. Nice thought-provoking post. (I’m anxious to see all of those upcoming sequels you mentioned.)

    • Good point. The best sequels are the ones that I feel expand of the originals, like Empire. I think it’s hard for most sequels to live up to the bars set by the originals. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Most of the sequels (and prequels) and that don’t work are ones that were never intended to be part of the story. If a film is always going to have sequels and a story has been created that pans out over a few films then they aren’t so bad. Sequels that are made just because the first film did well and someone wants to cash in on the name are often a bit dodgy.

    I can’t imagine a sequel to Raging Bull, it simply doesn’t need it. There’s much more scope for a Blade Runner sequel because it’s set in a sci-fi universe and so you can do more things with it.

    • Good point there. Sequels are typically just an excuse to make more money. Raging Bull does not need a sequel, but I could see more potential in Blade Runner II. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Abrams really didn’t do anything to ease my mind on star wars. He Hollywoodized Star Trek and Super 8 lost its way in the second half. But that doesn’t change my mind about sequels.

    A sequel can still be a great movie so I have no problems with them. In fact, some sequels have been even better than their predecessor. “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Godfather 2”, and “The Dark Knight” are good examples. So bring on the sequels, just do them well is all I ask.

    • I feel that the best sequels, like The Godfather Part II, Empire, and The Dark Knight, expand of the originals and try a new tone. I like them when they’re done well also. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Well, I think I’ve reached a point now where I just don’t let it bother me. Because if the sequel sucks, then it will just eventually fade into obscurity. Except for more prominant cases like Indy 4, I suppose. but even then, the original film(s) still exist in all their greatness.

    Now Star Wars I’m a little more gaurded with, since I am a part of that fandom. But even with SW I think I’m at that same spot. After all, we’ve already had episode 1 to deal with….

    • Good point. Often times I forget about sequels or they don’t change my opinion of the series (Indy 4 hasn’t destroyed my love for the original series).

      The new Star Wars series does bother me, but I’ll always be a fan of the original series. Thanks for commenting.

      • really? Indy 4 actually changed your opinion of the first films?

      • Sorry, I meant hasn’t. I still do love the originals.

  9. While I agree that most sequels are terrible, if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have Evil Dead II or Aliens. Because of that, I always tend to give them a chance.

    • True, it’s always good when a sequel manages to live up to the original. Usually if I like the first one, I watch the second. Thanks for commenting.

  10. NNNOOOOOO Blade Runner does not need a sequel. The first one ended so perfectly. The ambiguity behind the ending was the point!

    • I agree. Blade Runner doesn’t need a sequel. It already ended well.

  11. They’ve also talked about a Scarface sequel for years, never happened though.

    As for J. J. Abrams taking on Star Wars, I was hoping Christopher Nolan was going to do it, bring some darkness to the franchise.

    • I can’t imagine a sequel to Scarface.

      I’d love to see Nolan direct the new Star Wars films as well, but I feel Abrams could really help renovate the series. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Sequels are best when they follow the original within a reasonable amount of time ( a few years) and return the original creative team… if too long passes or there’s too much turnover, they tend to suck.

    Often though now, the second film has a tendency to top the first! Especially in the super hero sub genre.

    • I agree. When a lot of thought is put into them, sequels tend to turn out better. The best sequels really seem to change the mood from the original, like Empire or Aliens. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Thank god Lucas will not be the main creative force behind any new Star Wars movie. I believe I could hire someone off the street to write better dialogue than he did in the prequel trilogy.

    I wish a well-financed fan would a massive edit combining all three prequels into one good movie, eliminating of course Jar Jar Binks and a lot of other horrid scenes, characters, and dialogue. It could be called The Adventures of Obi-wan Kenobi for all I care. We do it all the time with music: A band has about three good songs per album so we put those songs on a compilation and have something good!

    The only way to judge a sequel or reboot is (1) Doing your research to find out whether it is worth going to (e.g. visiting Rotten Tomatoes) and then (2) Making a personal determination based on the movie you saw. Sometimes (1) is not even necessary–e.g. Who would want to see a reboot of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell?!?!? (Perhaps there are a few males that will see anything Kate Beckinsale is in…she appears to have some kind of cult following though she is in a lot of bad films.)

    • I feel that Stars Wars will benefit greatly with a new man behind it. Reviews always tend to be helpful beforehand. I knew the remake of Total Recall wasn’t going to be good, despite that one of my favorite actors, Bryan Cranston, stars in it.

      • I love Cranston too. I don’t watch a lot of tv series, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Breaking Bad.

      • Breaking Bad is awesome. Best TV show on right now.

  14. Forgot to mention…I cringe at the thought of Bladerunner 2. Ridley isn’t making the quality of films he used to.

    Also, the worst sequel by far considering how outstanding the first two movies were is The Godfather Part III. Please let me know if you can think of another film more disappointing given the quality of the earlier films.

    • Blade Runner II I’m worried about as well. The original ended perfectly.

      I enjoy The Godfather Part III more than most but it still is disappointing. The Phantom Menace holds the title of being the biggest disappointment.

      • Yeah you got me there!

  15. Sorry to post again…I just had a wicked thought: Someone out in Hollywood is planning a Highlander reboot lol!

    • A Highlander reboot. I can’t imagine that…

      • lol…you never know with Hollywood. The first one with Sean Connery was okay. I pretend the others don’t exist.

  16. I mean that’s such a subjective question. Generally sequels pale in comparison to the original, but occasionally they can be valid in their own right. The Empire Strikes Back is probably one of the most perfect sequels ever made.

    • Empire’s a perfect sequel. I feel that the strongest ones change their mood from the original. The ones that try to do the same thing are usually the weakest. Thanks for commenting.

  17. I think I am in the minority, because I really like sequels. I mean yeah, they so often end up being lazy garbage. But I am pretty much always excited to hear a sequel is being made to a film I enjoyed. I’m so much of a sell out I am even a fan of re-boots, as long as it seems that the filmmakers are attempting to bring something new to the material.

    • I do like to go to many sequels hoping it’s as good as the original. Reboots are typically harder to make since they pretty much are the same thing as the original unless they change the tone, like The Fly. Thanks for commenting.

      • Yeah The Fly is a good example. I view reboots as the same as any adaptation I guess. Just a reinterpretation of source material. Often rubbish, but occasionally incredible, Herzog’s Nosferatu and to a lesser extent the Coen Bros True Grit for example.

  18. I think that 99% of the time they are bad, as films that are created solely for money tend to be….I did like Aliens though, and the Godfather part two!

    • Both are great sequels, but I do agree most are done for the money. Thanks for commenting.

  19. When sequels tend to either overdo it by trying to “relive” the magic of the first, or when they go so far away from the original, that’s when they go sour. a sequel should still, to an extent, be able to live on its own.

    sequels make me question so much about the motives and abilities of the filmmakers, but, hey, there’s no telling for sure (in most cases) until it releases.

    good question

    • Thanks! Good point about sequels should be able to stand on their own. The strongest ones tend to distance themselves from the original and change the mood and tone, like The Godfather Part II or Empire.

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