Posted by: ckckred | January 25, 2013

Trailer Analysis: Inside Llewyn David

Editor’s Note: The trailer contains some harsh language.

If there are two directors who I think are the best working today, it’s undoubtedly the Coen brothers.  The duo has made some of the finest films of the last twenty years, with their trademark quirkiness, love and dialect, and dark humor.  And even before I knew what the brothers’ newest movie was about, I knew I had to see it.

And the first trailer looks great.  The movie is about a folk singer trying to make it big in the 60s.  The movie stars Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, and Coen brothers’ regular John Goodman.  Both Isaac and Mulligan starred in Drive, and both look great in this film.  The Coens’ charm is evident in the trailer.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see Inside Llewyn David.  The Coen brothers cannot do anything wrong.



  1. The Coen brothers are in a VERY small group of filmmakers I would deem worthy of “can do no wrong.” This trailer shows a little bit, and what it shows only confirms that I must see it.

    • I will see this one. I love the Coen brothers’ work, and I can’t wait to watch this.

  2. I’m all over this one!!!!!!

    • I as well. The moment it gets into theaters, I’ll buy tickets. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Yes the Coen’s are definitely a must see even before I know what the movie is about.

    I was talking to a few co-workers awhile back and named some directors whose movies I would see automatically (Coens, Nolan, Scorsese…). To my chagrin they all started naming actors instead.

    Have you done a column on remakes yet? The first one I think of is Solaris. I saw Tarkovsky’s version many times and owned a copy before the remake came out. Although I suppose many think Tarkovsky’s version is way too slow and odd, I prefer it (though the remake is not bad). I love Tarkovsky’s use of Bach’s BWV 639.

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