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Twin Peaks: Beyond Life and Death

The series ends on a disappointing note

The series ends on a disappointing note

Editor’s Note: Spoiler’s Alert of the second season of Twin Peaks and the finale

The first season of Twin Peaks was a tense, thrilling ride.  Director David Lynch had created a titan of television that was exciting, horrifying, and funny all at the same time.  The first few episodes of season two continued the show’s mood, but once Laura’s killer was unmasked, the show lost much of its edge.  Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost apparently never wanted to reveal Laura’s killer, but ABC forced them to do so in the middle of season two.  This isn’t necessarily a bad decision on ABC’s part, since a series cannot keep teasing its audience (The Killing recently proved that).  But still, after Leland was unmasked, the show lost much of its intrigue.  The plot about Windom Earle wasn’t nearly as intense, and Cooper’s relationship with Annie felt very forced.  I was hoping the finale, directed by Lynch, would resolve season two’s problems.  The idea of the Black and White Lodge was interesting, and I was hoping that it would be expanded.

Unfortunately I felt very disappointed by the finale.  Lynch went all out on the episode, going where no director has gone before.  Lynch must have taken inspiration from the ending of 2001 for the Black Lodge, which is what made it so intriguing when it was shown briefly in the first season.  But in the finale Lynch has about a good half an hour of Cooper exploring the Black Lodge, meeting the Giant, Killer BOB, and the dancing dwarf, plus Laura and Leland (or whatever they were supposed to be).  I didn’t really understand anything what was happening at all.  I have defended ambiguity before and have done so for Lynch’s own Mulholland Drive, but I felt cheated here.

The end of the episode relies on a big cliffhanger, that the doppelganger Cooper has entered Twin Peaks and the real one is still trapped in the Black Lodge (I learned that from the Wikipedia page).  This was made undoubtedly to help the show get a third season, which unfortunately didn’t happen.  I admired Lynch’s intentions in the episode, but was unsatisfied.  I’ve heard Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me resolves many of the episode’s cliffhangers, and I plan on seeing that soon.



  1. Incidentally, I’m in the middle of S2E6 as I noticed the post! Can’t read it yet for fear of being spoiled.

    • The second season loses much of its intensity but the show’s still good. The finale’s disappointing though.

      • Yeah I’ve gotten a bit disappointed with the second season as well. It seems every episode features at least two people making out and Lucy’s not as funny.

  2. I haven’t yet finished season two, there are 7 episodes left, but so far I am already disappointed. Like you said the show lost a lot of it’s thrill after the killer was revealed. It all seems very forced and you get the feeling they just had to do anything to finish of the season although it doesn’t make much sense. I wonder how the last 7 episodes are gonna be but I’m quite sure they won’t convince me either xD

    • After Laura’s killer is revealed, the show loses much of its intensity. I feel that some of the plot-lines feel very force. I heard that Lynch lost much creative control after the first season, so that might be the reason.

  3. *SPOILERS* As much as I love the show overall, it does lose it’s momentum when Leland is revealed. That being said, though, I really enjoyed the ending where Cooper is taken over. He was only going to take Bad Bob further which would have made a brilliant third season. Such a shame it never happened.
    Hope you get a chane to view the film. A lot of people hated it but personally I thought it was great.

    • The cliffhanger is great, and I still wish the show had a third season.

      I heard many people hated the movie but I still really want to see it. Thanks for commenting.

    • Isnt there now talk of a third season?? Keep seeing it on movie sites, and whilst a lot of time has passed, I would love a return to Twin Peaks!!

      • I think I heard about that but I’m not sure it’s true. I’d love to return there as well and see what has happened.

      • I haven’t heard any of this talk but I welcome it. if Lynch is involved you can’t go far wrong.

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