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Twin Peaks: Pilot

A captivating series that confirms my fandom to David Lynch

A captivating series that confirms my fandom to David Lynch

Recently I saw Mulholland Drive, a movie that instantly became on of my favorite films.  Eager to watch something else by director David Lynch, I turned my head to his cult TV series Twin Peaks.  After watching the first episode, I was hooked on the show and was just simply amazed by it.  Not only was it great but also very addicting: immediately after I finished the first episode, I started the second.

Twins Peaks takes place in a small isolated town close up to the Canadian border.  A girl named Laura Palmer is found on the shore dead wrapped in plastic.  The entire town is in shock from this death, and Laura’s family and friends are destroyed by the news.  Soon, FBI agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), a wisecracking ecentric man, enters the town to solve the mystery with Sheriff Truman (Michael Ontkean).  Cooper believes the killer to be involved with the death of another girl a year ago (both had a paper letter under their fingernails), and begins a full investigation examining the people in the town, including Laura’s boyfriend Bobby, her best friend Donna, and her secret lover James Hurley.

The pilot of Twin Peaks was written by Lynch and Mark Frost and directed by Lynch as well.  The feel of Lynch’s direction was evident in the episode.  He begins by showing some local loggers cutting wood before uncovering the darkness of the town by showing Laura’s dead body.  What’s also intriguing is how Lynch stylizes the show.  It has an overly dark overtone to it with the pulsating score and mood but also contains some humor.  Cooper also serves as comic relief, making jokes along his investigation.  Lynch films the episode like a soap opera, which I believe he intends to do to show the characters’ strong emotions.

On a side note, I would really like to praise MacLachlan’s performance.  He was practically lifeless in Dune, showing almost zero emotion, but fits perfectly here (he was also in Blue Velvet, which I plan on seeing shortly).  All the actors seem suitable in their roles.

To conclude my thoughts, I really, really liked the pilot.  I’ll be certainly watching a few episodes soon and will recap some of my thoughts.


  1. Such a great series…

    • Yeah, it’s great. I’m going to have to start the third episode soon.

  2. It was great… there’s a dropoff in season 2, unfortunately, but yeah, S1 was awesome. 😀

    • I’ve already started watching more of season 1. It’s been great so far. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Love Twin Peaks!! Mental & Surreal, but I watched both seasons in the space of a few days, just couldnt turn it off!

    • Oh yeah, it’s pretty addicting. I’ve already seen a good chunk of season 1.

  4. Nice one man. I love Twin Peaks. Absolutely love it. I was gutted when they cancelled after season 2 but it still remains one of the best shows that’s ever been on tv.

    • Yeah, I think it’s one of the best shows ever as well, even after seeing only about 5 episodes. I’m really getting into David Lynch’s work and should see Blue Velvet next.

      • I’m a big fan of Lynch. I’ve seen all his films and there is only one that I didn’t like and that was Dune. Everything else is a work of art with Blue Velvet being a particular highlight.

      • Oh yeah, Dune was pretty bad. That was actually the first film I saw of Lynch, but then I saw Mulholland Drive, which immediately became one of my favorite movies. I really want to see Blue Velvet.

      • Yeah, it’s a toss up between Mulholland and Velvet for his best film but I admire almost everything he does. Wild At Heart was fantastic as well and even though I couldn’t make heads or tails from it, I really loved Lost Highway.

  5. Twin Peaks literally changed the direction of my life. I was never a big TV person (and I’m still not), but I was on vacation the night the pilot came on, and it was too cold to go out that night, so bored, we turned on the TV, and were immediately captivated. Thank God for David Lynch. I swear my mind would have been so much narrower if I had never caught that show that night.

    • Oh yeah, this show is great. It makes me wish more directors created TV series. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I got the Gold Box for Christmas and I can’t stop watching! I fucking love Twin Peaks!

    • I as well! It’s great.

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