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AFI 2012: Best of Film and TV

Moonrise Kingdom is one of the ten films mentioned

Moonrise Kingdom is one of the ten films mentioned

As the year starts concluding, top 10 lists start coming out and one that always gathered much attention is the one of the American Film Institute.  The AFI has always been a good predictor of the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees.  Last year every film picked, with the exception of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and J. Edgar, was nominated for Best Picture.

This year’s list features a prominent group of movies.  I’ve seen all of them except Django UnchainedLes MiserablesZero Dark Thirty, and Silver Linings Playbook (the first three though haven’t come out yet).  The omission of The Master is, in my mind, an egregious snub but what are you going to do?  I’m also assuming that Amour and Skyfall didn’t make the list since they were made by foreign studios.

As for television, most of the list is quite good and I do agree with plenty of their choices.  I must confess that I’ve seen about zero episodes of Girls.  The exclusions of shows like Parks and RecreationJustified, and Community, however, are unfair and I would take off Modern FamilyAmerican Horror Story, and The Walking Dead to add them on the list.  I’m guessing Sherlock isn’t on the list because it’s a British series.

Anyway, the list is below:


Beasts of the Southern Wild
The Dark Knight Rises
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
Life of Pi
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty


American Horror Story
Breaking Bad
Game Change
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
Modern Family
The Walking Dead


  1. Thanks for the recap. For the most part AFI’s Movies of the Year are what I expected. I agree with you that the exclusion of The Master is surprising considering the critical buzz surrounding the film. However I can’t say I’m sorry to see the omission.

    • The AFI lists usually are made up of some big noteworthy films. I was to surprised about the exclusion of The Master but I can’t criticize their list, since all the ones I have seen that are on their are well deserved. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Pretty much as expected except for, as you say, The Master. I’ve not seen it but it certainly created a lot of hype. As for the TV choices, i’m a big fan of Modern Family but I saw an episode of Girls and wanted to hurt myself afterwards.

    • Yeah, I guess The Master was a little too polarizing to be put on. I would have added it but I’m not sure what’d I take out.

      I don’t really have any interest in seeing Girls. It didn’t look like the kind of show I would like. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m surprised “American Horror Story” made the list. I love the show, but I think as Season 1 progressed they started adding too many ghosts and it was getting out of hand. This season–so far–has been more on-target for me.

    • I’m not a giant fan of the show but from what I’ve seen of Season 2 it’s been much better. I probably wouldn’t have put it on but it’s not a bad choice. Thanks for commenting.

      • american horror story season 2

        sports analogy = dallas cowboys how could that many famous actors fail… ans. they cant, but was it worth all that money …

        uh, no!

        a show like Suits has ummmm 0 stars and is just as good!

        how bout them cowboys! and joseph fiennes!

  4. Wow, they picked a couple of horror shows as best! Thats crazy… horray for American Horro Story and Walking Dead! 😀

    Meanwhile, I go to every major release every weekend… and I’ve still yet to see half of those. I hate that. $&%#in’ Hollywood. 😦

    • It always ticks me off that studios wait to push films until the end of December just to get more Oscar attention. I’m really excited about both Django and Zero Dark Thirty. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Glad to see Moonrise Kingdom represented here. and also American Horror Story.

    I don’t always agree 100% with AFI’s lists, but they still made some solid choices.

    • Yeah, I’m happy to see Moonrise Kingdom as well. Like you, I usually don’t agree with the AFI’s choices but they did well this year.

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