Posted by: ckckred | December 10, 2012

Is There A Film You Liked Initially But Later Changed Your Mind About?

Editor’s Note: I usually post my questions during Sunday but forgot to do it yesterday. Apologies to all my readers.

This week’s question is inspired by one I had a while ago where I asked if there was a movie you originally disliked but later changed your mind about.  Today’s is the exact opposite: is there a movie you initially liked but then later disliked?

I once liked Avatar but after a second viewing started despising it

I once enjoyed Avatar but after a second viewing started disliking it

My answer would be Avatar.  I have a fond memory of seeing it in theaters but once I watched it again, I realized how derivative and unoriginal the movie was.  I do see the appreciation behind the film and it is a great technical feat but I cannot respect the writing.

But what film would you choose?



  1. “The Dark Knight” Gets My Vote. First Time I Saw It, I Enjoyed It. But Upon Repeat Viewings It Got A Little Worse Each Time.
    It’s Finally Got To The Point Where It’s My Least Favorite Of The New Trilogy, And It’s My Second Least Favorite Overall. The Least Liked Of Them All, Of Course, Being “Batman And Robin” With George Clooney As Batman.

    • Strangely enough, it was the opposite for me. I initially liked it but didn’t think it was that special. When I saw it again, I loved it. I agree that Batman and Robin is, by far, the worst of the Batman series. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Totally agree with you on Avatar, I actually really liked it at the cinema but having seen it since, it did nothing for me whatsoever. Also agree with Youjivinmeturkey on The Dark Knight. I still think it’s brilliant but it’s not the masterpiece I first thought.

    • I remember being in a remarkably good mood when I first saw Avatar, but after watching it again I wonder what I exactly liked about it. Thanks for commenting.

  3. “Dogma” by Kevin Smith. When it fist came out I loved it and raved about it. A few years ago I saw it again and wondered if I was on something the first time I saw it. It did not age well.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Kevin Smith and I do agree that most of his movies don’t age very well. Thanks for commenting.

  4. English Patient. I loved it when I first saw it years ago, but when I recently watched it I almost fell asleep. It was quite long, and in my opinion, slow moving. Maybe we are getting used to movies getting shorter and more fast paced. Movies long ago were often longer than 3 hours which now would seem interminable! I’m thinking of Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Ox….

    • I only saw The English Patient recently and wasn’t overly keen on it. The filmmakers could have cut off a half an hour to make it better. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Avatar is a funny one. I left the theater thinking “THIS is what everyone is raving about”? I’ve never liked it. Ang Lee’s Hulk is a movie I liked on first viewing but now hate it. Such a bastardization of the source material as well as just a plain old bad film.

    • Avatar’s one of the movies that when you watch again you realize how empty it really is. Yeah, Hulk was a major disappointment, especially since it comes from Ang Lee. Thanks for commenting.

  6. The Dark Knight, really loved it the first time I saw it but on rewatch it just became so unwatchable in 3rd act. It’s a very good movie but apart from Ledger’s work there is nothing outstanding about it.

    • Well, The Dark Knight’s has certainly become a popular answer. It was the opposite for me; I didn’t love it at first but after a second viewing did. Ledger was great in it. Thanks for commenting.

      • I think the Dark Knight Rises will totally surpass The Dark Knight in this category…

        The first time thru Bane is very much like Michael Myers I think every time Nolan started a scene at the front door of Wayne Manor he wants you to wonder if Bane isnt on the other side and he never is… the more you watch the less mysterious Bane will become


        come on guys! Both Dark Knight films were very very very well made! and both were better than Batman Begins!
        I think you guys are missing the point here…

        I grew up in the 80s when films like Trading Places and Beaches and Blue Steel were the gold standard !?????

        okay, those movies totally skirted over technical details and the essence of the characters they tried to portray.

        I couldnt pick any one flick but maybe Children of the Corn, The Outsiders, but really the 80s… The whole 80s was underwhelming looking back… we just didnt know it at the time!

        in the modern era of much better films… Backdraft maybe?
        was Traffic all that thrilling? Bulworth? 80s actors in 90s films 🙂

  7. No the only time I start not liking a film is if I watch it too many times and that’s my fault 😀

    • Yeah, usually that happens to me if I see a film too often.

  8. Avatar is so over-rated…I so agree!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I don’t know what so many people find so special about it.

  9. GREAT question. Agreed on Avatar totally.

    SW Phantom Menace. I liked it at first because of the awe of bring Star Wars back and to the big screen, but hated it shortly thereafter because of the “kiddyness” of it

    • I expected to get a lot of hatred for choosing Avatar but it appears that everyone agrees with me.

      Yeah, it was the same for me with The Phantom Menace. When I saw it again, I realized that George Lucas sold out and made the movie too kiddy. Thanks for commenting.

  10. The HARRY POTTER phenomenon TOTALLY rode the coat tails of both Lord of the Rings and Spider Man both far superior to that juvenile franchise that is not even better than the Narnia stuff…

    I knew that from day one… but even on day one back in the golden age of film making i at least enjoyed the ride a bit…

    Harry Potter is now unwatchable garbage,,, There was never any magic and it just does not at all hold up on its own merits…

    It pains me to know how much money that garbage made and that folks might therefore dare to say that it was a better franchise than Sergio Leone & Clint Eastwood’s spag westerns, Godfather, aliens, etc

    it didnt really start hurting bad till about the third flick… I think i actually even liked the first one okay but that’s hard to admit!

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