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The 10 Best TV Shows of 2012

Top 10

Well, it’s about that time of the year when critics and bloggers alike start releasing their top ten lists.  Since I write a blog that proudly represents both TV and movies, even though I’ve hardly written any TV related posts the past few months, I decided to make my own list.  Now before I present it, I’d like to say a few words.

First off, I cannot watch every single television show.  In fact, a few of the shows on my list I didn’t see every episode to the year.  So if you think I unfairly excluded something, it may be because I haven’t seen it.

Also, I may have to add why Game of Thrones is not on the list.  The reason is that I haven’t seen enough of the series to put it on, which is kind of unfair, but I have to put the rest of the shows on a singular basis.

Here are my picks below:

10. Archer

Archer-FXArcher has taken the reigns from South Park as TV’s best animated series.  Funny, foul, rude, and crude, this spy spoof just keeps on getting better.

9. Community

Community NBC

If NBC gave Community a fall season, this might be higher on the list but no matter.  Community is undoubtedly the most creative and original show currently playing on television.  Despite facing many problems on the set this year with creator Dan Harmon getting fired and Chevy Chase leaving the show, I have high hopes for the new season.

8. Justified

justified-reckoning_gallery_primaryJustified being ignored at the Emmys this year was just so… unjustified.  One of the best shows on television and certainly one of the most underrated.

7. Sherlock

sherlockSadly, Sherlock won’t be returning to TV for a while now, maybe not until 2014.  But the show’s epic conclusion will have me waiting impatiently for the new episodes to come.

6. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/The Colbert Report


The Daily Show and Colbert Report will always have spots on my top 10 lists, and in an election year they amp up the satire.  I’ve had more laughs on Comedy Central’s pair of news shows than I’ve had on most sitcoms on TV.  Combined.

5. Mad Men

mad-men-510-jon-hamm-christina-hendricksWhile it wasn’t Mad Men‘s strongest season, it still is a powerhouse and Matt Weiner’s drama proves to be one of the most consistent shows on television.

4. Louie


Louie, like Archer, is very rude, foul, crude, and also dead-on hilarious.  But it also is one of the most perceptive shows on television, even a drama on certain respects.  Louis C. K. would get my vote as the best comedian working right now hands down.

3. Homeland


Last year’s best new show amped up this season and became even better.  Great performances and screenwriting make Homeland one of the best shows on television.

2. Parks and Recreation


Parks and Rec broke even more bounds this year, with its hilarious guest appearance by Paul Rudd and Leslie’s campaign for councilman.  No sitcom today has really been able to do what Parks has.

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (Season 5)

There was no doubt in my mind what my number one choice would be.  Breaking Bad is easily TV’s best show currently and I think now is also one of the best of all time.  It just keeps getting better and better each season, with some of the finest writing and best acting in history.  Vince Gilligan’s gem of a series will end next year, but Breaking Bad will live on.

Honorable Mention: Game Change

Later this year, I’ll put out my 10 worst shows.  Anyway, comment below.



  1. I don’t watch TV, but I’m glad you put Parks & Rec and Louie up there so high, because they are so damn funny. Parks & Rec’s new season isn’t as consistent as it’s second or third season, but it’s still very, very funny and that’s all that matters. Nice list bud!

    • Thanks! Both Parks and Rec and Louie are two of my favorites. I liked the third season of Parks and Rec the most.

  2. I don’t have television so I don’t watch a lot but I have enjoyed Community and Parks and Recreation in the past. 🙂

    • Glad that you love Community and Parks and Rec as well. They’re two of the best sitcoms on Tv right now.

  3. Again I also am really uninformed on the TV front, but I’m pleased to Sherlock on the list! That is an excellent show 🙂

    • Yeah, Sherlock’s great. I can’t wait for the new season.

  4. I’ll have to wave the white flag, seeing as I havent seen all of these, but it is nice to see Archer and Community getting some love, theyre awesome!

    No Game of Thrones? Thats an incredible show CK

    • Both Archer and Community are great.

      I’ve watched a few episodes of GOT, but I haven’t seen enough to put as a basis for my top 10 list. I need to watch more of it, Thanks for commenting.

  5. I liked BBC Sherlock. Looking forward to season 3.

    • Yeah, Sherlock’s great. Can’t wait for the next season.

  6. Sherlock all the way at number 7?? Disprove!! 😀

    • Where would you put it?

      • 1 :)))

  7. Massive yes to Breaking Bad, i’ve only just finished the 2nd season and it’s amazing so i’m glad it gets stronger! Homeland is my current favourite I have to say and ‘Archer’ is just amazing. I’ll need to give Parks and Recreation a watch. Great List!

    • Yeah, it just keeps getting better and better. Glad you love it, Homeland, and Archer as well and I highly recommend Parks and Rec. Thanks for commenting.

  8. That’s a damn good list! I watch eight of them 😀

  9. Great list, I totally agree with your Top 2 shows!

  10. Not seen a massive amount of these but as long as Mad Men is on there, I’m happy 🙂

    • Yeah, Mad Men’s great. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Hmmm., If you truly mean just the shows that aired in 2012 then I would not agree with this list at all… This was definitely not the best season of Breaking Bad and being so similar to Justified how could you watch both this year and say Breaking Bad was better? Not this year! Course that’s subjective…

    12 Parks and Rec NBC
    11 Hunted MAX
    10 Girls HBO
    9 BoardWalk Empire HBO
    8 Archer F/X
    7 Elementary CBS
    6 Alphas SYFY
    5 Breaking Bad AMC
    4 Dexter SHOWTIME
    3 Mad Men AMC
    2 Homeland SHOWTIME
    1 Justified F/X

    • I’m not sure which to pick is the best season of Breaking Bad but I did really like this one. Regardless, I would call Justified the most underrated TV series right now.

  12. But to me the breakout show of 2012 by far was the highly underrated gem

    S U I T S on usa

    i think usa has lost sooooo much steam folks forgot about the whole channel!

  13. Great list here. Love that Louie and Parks & Rec got a mention, and of course Breaking Bad has to be #1. I would also include Game of Thrones, even though season two was a slight step down from the first.

    • Glad to have see another Breaking Bad fan! Parks and Rec and Louie are great as well.

      I haven’t actually seen enough GOT to put it on the list, but from what I have I think it’s great. I need to watch more of it. Thanks for commenting.

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