Posted by: ckckred | November 29, 2012

Angus T. Young Badmouths Two and a Half Men

A few days ago, Angus T. Young, the kid on Two and a Half Men, trashed his own show on a Youtube video, calling it filth and begging viewers to not watch it.   Apparently he joined a religious group which convinced him to do so.

Those who’ve followed my blog long enough probably know that I’m not a fan of Two and a Half Men.  I’m one of the show’s critics who finds it overrated.  What turns me off isn’t the crude humor.  I watch and love a lot more vulgar shows like Louie and South Park.  I just don’t like the show’s laziness in setting up jokes and gags and find it unfunny.  Most of all, I dislike all the attention and awards the show has been receiving.  While I respect its viewers who enjoy the show, I cannot respect the quality of the writing.

Still, it must be a bad day for a Two and a Half Men fan.  Young won’t be featured on two of the episodes this season and has quickly apologized for his comments.  The video on Youtube has quickly gained popularity, and both Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson of The Office have parodied Angus’ remarks.

But whatever happens, Charlie Sheen must be feeling really good about himself today.



  1. You know? I’ve never watched an entire episode of Two and a Half men. I think I watched one segment between commercial breaks, once,,, and decided, nah. This isnt for me.

    But damn if this show hasnt given us some great backstage drama! LOL Between this and the Charlie Sheen meltdowns, no other show really compares. 😀

    Jon Cryer should do something now. If for no other reason than so that everyone doesnt feel sorry for him as being the victim in all of this. LOL

    • I watched it for about two minutes and then turned it off. I agree that the most entertaining thing about Two and a Half Men seems to be all the backstage drama.

      I hadn’t really thought about Jon Cryer. Poor guy, he might soon be the only man standing. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Pardody videos are already popping up.

    Rainn Wilson and Craig Robinson from The Office just released this:

    • I saw that video before. I’m wondering what Young must be thinking right now. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I too am not a big fan of the show. I find it to be highly disrespectful towards women. Just my 2 cents though!

    • Yeah, the show is pretty offensive to women.

  4. The show is crude and offensive to me, but I think Young can’t have his cake and eat it too. If he truly feels that way about the show and wants to be true to his new-found faith, then he should just quit when his contract expires.

    • Yeah, he is pretty hypocritical. He didn’t even bother saying he was going to quit and he still is probably going to get another large paycheck. Thanks for commenting.

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