Posted by: ckckred | November 28, 2012

How Do You Think 2012 is So Far For Movies?

What do you think about this year’s films?

I usually put my question posts on Sunday but I’m going to put this one a few days early.  The reason being is that I’ve heard a lot about this year being pretty disappointing thus far with most films falling short.  Few films this year have been very memorable, and most of the best have been from big name directors like Michael Haneke (Amour), Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master), Steven Spielberg (Lincoln), and Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom).  There have been some satisfying films such as the surprise success of Beasts of the Southern Wild and the conclusion to the Batman trilogy but overall the year has been kind of lackluster so far.  Maybe that’ll change with the debuts of Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained.

But what’s your opinion?



  1. I’ve yet to see some stuff like Looper and Killing Them Softly but overall I’d have to say it has been very disappointing. Maybe it’s because I found 2011 to be so good.

    • Yeah I agree. 2011 did give some great movies like The Tree of Life, A Separation, The Descendants, and Drive and there hasn’t really been anything that’s yet matched it. Hopefully the end of the year will be much better. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I have to agree that it hasn’t been an amazing year and probably won’t have much difficulty having to pick out of many movies for my end of year top 10.

    • Yeah, the year’s been so weak so far that I don’t really have a good top 10 list so far this year. Hopefully it will turn around quickly in December. Thanks for commenting.

  3. 2012 has been decent. Some really bad, some really good. I don’t normally keep up with this stuff, so I dont know how it compares to any other year.

    • Yeah, this year has been okay but not as strong as some previous years. Lat year in particular had some great films and hopefully with films like Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty 2012 will turn around. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Great post, I think it’s been a decent year. I was so excited when Skyfall came out as it is now 50 years of Bond.

    • Yeah, it’s been decent and Skyfall had been undoubtedly one of the brightest parts of the year. I hope the year improves in December. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I dont know guys, yes… Dark Knight Rises, Brave and Prometheus were let downs, but the Avengers and Skyfall came through in spades. Plus we still have The Hobbit and Django to look forward to. If those two show up as advertised, 2012 will rock in spite of some major let downs!

    • Prometheus was undoubtedly the year’s biggest disappointment so far, especially how good the trailers made it to be. I liked The Dark Knight Rises and missed Brave.

      I agree both The Avengers and Skyfall being some of the year’s brightest spots. I’m really excited for December with films like Django Unchained and The Hobbit coming out. 2012 will rock if those films are as good as they look. Thanks for commenting.

  6. True 2012 has definitely had its share of disappointments, perhaps even more than most years. However there still have been a lot more films that have been extraordinary.

    Check out this list: Argo, The Sessions, Looper, Moonrise Kingdom, Marvel’s The Avengers, Skyfall, The Cabin in the Woods, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, ParaNorman, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Life of Pi, The Dark Knight Rises, and Robot & Frank. Plus the documentaries The Imposter, Searching for Sugar Man and Samsara.

    Come to think of it, 2012 has been an incredible year!

    • Yeah, there have been some very good films so far (I still need to see a few of the movies you named but loved plenty of the ones I’ve seen). Even with some disappointments like Prometheus the year still has been good. Thanks for commenting.

  7. While there are no films for the end of the year I anticipate eagerly like last year with Shame and The Artist I must say that summer films are much better this year than in 2011 – we had Prometheus, The dark Knight Rises, Looper…last year I don’t remember anything that awesome happening.

    • This year’s summer films were probably better than last year’s but I feel that we’re missing some really good films. By this time last year we already had films like The Tree of Life and The Descendants and we haven’t had much of that this year so far. Thanks for commenting.

  8. I think it’s been a good year, but then again I don’t really compare films from year to year. I think there’s always good and bad movies every year.

    • Yeah, there has been some good movies and bad movies this year. Maybe it’s because I thought last year was pretty good. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Favs: Killer Joe, Looper, The Raid: Redemption, Headhunters, The Dark Knight Rises, Ruby Sparks, We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Avengers

    Worst: Cosmopolis, The Watch, Lockout, Stolen and Nazis at the Center of the Earth

    • Those are some good choices right there. I haven’t heard of Nazis at the Center of the Earth. Is it a parody of Journey to the Center of the Earth?

      • Ha ha, no. ‘Nazis at the Center of the Earth’ is a B-Movie made by ‘The Asylum’ know for bad movies such as Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Titanic II and Snakes On A Train…if you need a good laugh rent them.

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