Posted by: ckckred | November 22, 2012

Chevy Chase To Leave Community

After some troubling acts, Chevy Chase is leaving the low rated NBC series

Chevy Chase announced that he is leaving the NBC sitcom Community.  Chase, who plays Pierce Hawthorne on the series, will appear in all but two of the thirteen episodes of this season (the two which haven’t have yet to be filmed).

This actually isn’t very surprising.  Chase has been known to be hard to work with for a long time.  His notorious profanity-filled phone call to creator Dan Harmon has gotten him in much controversy, and last month he reportedly used the n-word for describing his character (Chase later said he did not intend to use it to offend anyone).

So was it a smart move on Chase’s behalf?  I feel that both NBC and Sony do want to keep him on the show since he is really the only big celebrity on the show, despite his dwindling star power.  After Chase’s phone call, Harmon was fired, leading to fan outrage.

But honestly, no one really watches the show to see Chase.  Pierce isn’t exactly a favorite character among fans and even though I like him more than most, I’d have to admit he was not the show’s strong suit.

Still, it’s sad to see a character go away.  Chase is a talented actor but has to get himself under control.  There’s supposed to be a remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation that he’s appearing in, which hopefully might give him another comeback.



  1. Kind of surprising, I mean, Chase has always had that “difficult to work with” rep, so he was kind of a ticking bomb until he bit the hand that fed, but… he was nowhere when this show found him. Seriously, he was totally on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. You’d think he’d have been a little more self aware.

    Maybe he’s just going to flat out retire, because I cant imagine many more projects “bringing him back”.

    The show will survive without Pierce (if it survives, anyways) but its a blow. 😦 I wont even pretend as if I’d have ever checked out the show in the first place if I wasn’t curious to see Chevy do tv,


    • I actually first found out about Community from hearing that Chevy Chase was on it as well. The show could go on without Pierce, but I hope NBC doesn’t cancel Community now that he’s gone. Maybe they could hire Harmon back. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Not too surprising and not a huge loss for the show, but it’s also not a good sign for the show continuing…

    • Yeah, the show won’t lose much without Chase but it could hurt the ratings. I don’t think many people watch the show because of him but Chase’s involvement on the show probably kept it going.

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