Posted by: ckckred | November 20, 2012

AC/DC Finally Puts Their Albums on iTunes

For years now, I’ve always been complaining that iTunes doesn’t have any AC/DC songs but just a bunch of cover artists.  Now, the long wait is finally over.  Apple has finally made a deal with the band, and all of AC/DC’s albums have been put on iTunes.

Though I have some of their cds, I’m glad that they did this.  I’ve been relunctant to buy a few albums just to hear a few songs (I like the song “Who Made Who,” but won’t buy the album since all the other songs are from Back in Black and other discs which I already own).  Plus the iTunes versions are remastered and the deluxe sets have some cool extras.

But what do you think?



  1. Rock On, Dude!
    Good News, Honestly.
    I Do Love Me Some AC/DC, Fo SHO!

    • Thanks! I’ve been complaining for a long time of the lack of AC/DC on iTunes and it’s great that they’re now on.

  2. I loved their Blu-ray release “Live at Donington”. Sounds incredible, especially the opening song Thunderstruck. Didn’t realize their stuff wasn’t on iTunes though.

    • It just happened yesterday. Thunderstruck is awesome, one of the band’s best songs.

  3. I guess Apple must have given them a wad-load of cash for this. AC/DC always said they’d never do this because they didn’t want people to only buy the odd song, but rather the whole album, apparently because that’s how they intended it to be listened to. More like they were worried they wouldn’t make as much money!

    Still I’m glad they’ve finally come around, I have most of their stuff on CD but there are a few bits and pieces I need to pick up.

    • Yeah, the second reason is more likely. I have many of their albums on cds but I want to buy a few of their individual songs now. Thanks for commenting.

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