Posted by: ckckred | October 21, 2012

What movie moment scared you as a child?

Since Halloween is coming up, I thought I’d ask some horror-related question.  For today’s edition, the question is what movie really scared you as a kid?

The Ark of Covenant scene in Raiders terrified me when I was a kid

My answer would be the part in Raiders of the Lost Ark where (spoiler’s alert!) the nazis open the ark and all the spirits fly out and kill them.  I first saw it when I was ten and it freaked me out.  And don’t laugh at me for saying this but even when I watch Raiders today it still scares me.

But what movie scared you as a kid?



  1. Actually, It Was Jason Vorhees Chasing People Through The Woods. I Never Had Any Problems With The Death Scenes, It Was The Being Chased Part I Could Never Handle. They’d Run, And No Matter How Hard, Nor How Fast, He’d Always Catch Them. Used To Ruin Sleep-Time For Days On End. Hmm. Yeah. That Was Worst For Me. Fo SHO.

    • Yeah, it always scares me more when a character is being chased, especially knowing that a killer was right behind them. Those scenes just frighten me. Thanks for commenting,

  2. I agree with you about Raiders, I used to get really creeped out. Also in Temple of Doom when the guy has his heart ripped out, seriously scary.

    • I forgot about Temple of Doom. That scene where the guy has his heart ripped out gave me nightmares for months. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I don’t have very many memories of being truly frightened by movies as a young child, but two movies deprived me of sleep when I was about eleven: The Sixth Sense (specifically the scene in which the little dead girl shows a tape of her soup being poisoned) and The Lovely Bones. A runnerup would be Poltergeist, which I saw when I was probably ten and got so freaked out by the ending I’m still mesmerized that I DID, in fact, sleep that night. Also, when I was in fourth grade, just the music in the opening credits from Halloween (which my parents decided to watch on Halloween night for nostalgic purposes) struck out an entire night of sleep. Somehow, I saw the entire movie when I was in seventh grade, still love it, and incidentally, I just finished watching Carpenter’s The Thing.

    • I saw Poltergeist when I was pretty young too and it really scared me as well. That scene where the guy tears off his face gave me nightmares and I stayed awake all night that day. It also gave me my fear of clowns. Thanks for commenting.

      • I had been warned about the man tearing his face off, and I was surprised to find my mother turning her face while I sat with a nearly catatonic stare. The clown scene, however, truly freaked me out, even though I was warned of that too.

  4. I was terrified of the giant squid in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. So much that I would have nightmares constantly. It didn’t help that the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago had a lifesize model of a giant squid hanging in one of the wings.

    Also, the Large Marge portion of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure always freaked me out.

    • That giant squid scared me too so much so I didn’t look at aquariums the same way again. I haven’t seen Pee Wee’s Big Adventure but just looking at those pictures of Large Marge scare me now. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Every moment of Aracnaphobia….i’m aracnaphobic. My Mum thought it would be a good for me to watch it!

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