Posted by: ckckred | October 12, 2012

A Peanuts Movie To Be Made

The beloved comic strip comes to the big screen

When I was younger, my primary love was comics.  Every morning I would pick up the newspaper and read the comic section (I still do).  And my favorite comic was Peanuts.

The only comic strips I loved as much as Peanuts are Calvin and Hobbes and Doonesbury.  Peanuts just means so much to me.  It was funny and honest about kids.  Charles Schulz created a pop culture icon that has really dominated life.  Every year I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, which still remains the best Christmas special ever.

So when I heard that a Peanuts movie was to be made and released by 2015, I actually felt disappointed.  I’m not sure someone could successfully translate the comic to the big screen without Schultz in charge.  Worse, I discovered that Blue Sky will be doing it.  Yes, Blue Sky, who gives us animation duds like Ice Age.  And yes, I have a bad feeling it will be in 3-D.

On the other hand, Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz, and Cornelius Uliano are set to write.  Craig and Bryan are Charles’ son and grandson respectively and I think they could make it work.  I think that Peanuts fans would like to see a movie that’s faithful to the comic.  That’s all I really want.


  1. Animation duds like Ice Age? Have you even seen an animation dud? Seriously I could give you a list where you’d be begging to see Ice Age

    • I saw Ice Age about ten years ago and remember not liking it. Now I just realize how little animated films I’ve actually seen. Thanks for commenting.

    • I want to beg to see Ice Age – bring on the list!

      • If you want the list, for real, I can get you it, I just have to track it down. You know the Asylum? The movie company that rips off every blockbuster to make a terrible version of it? They have one for animation.

      • HA I did not know that. Man, maybe I don’t want to see the list…

      • What’s UP? Balloon to the Rescue
        The Little Panda Fighter

        Yeah, have fun with that.

      • Wow, they aren’t even trying to be subtle…

      • Nope lol, well either does Asylum if you think about it

      • At least their regular titles seem like they are funny, but “Braver”? Really?

      • Whats UP Poster:
        Braver poster:
        Little Panda Fighter:
        Little Cars:

        Seriously. Watch those and TELL ME you wouldn’t beg for Ice Age

      • Just judging by the posters, all these movies make Ice Age look like Wall-E in comparison.

      • Lol. Well I like both of those so… lol

  2. If you are such a big fan, might help to spell his name right. It’s Schulz not Schultz.

    • Fixed it. Sorry, I just wrote that post quickly. Thanks.

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