Posted by: ckckred | September 14, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Lincoln

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’d know that Lincoln is one of my most anticipated movies of the year, or perhaps even the most.  I enjoyed Steven Spielberg’s last film War Horse more than most but my opinion has dropped in recent months (when I first saw it I would have given it four stars, now I’d probably give it three).

As I watched the trailer for Lincoln, I now have really high hopes for the film even more than I did before.  Spielberg’s best films make audiences really feel the emotions.  Didn’t you cry during Schindler’s List or in E. T.?

Just from viewing it, what I was most impressed about was the performance of Daniel Day Lewis, who might just be the first actor to win three Oscars (speaking of Lewis I’ll be watching There Will Be Blood soon).  I can already tell he’s going to be incredible in that role.  The John Williams score sounds really good, and the direction looks great.

Lincoln will be debuting a few weeks into November after Election Day.  I heard this is because Spielberg wanted to avoid having any political candidate use the film as promotion for their campaign (though I’m not sure how anyone could use it).  This looks great and I’ll be sure to see it.



  1. Very impressive trailer, but then again few trailers aren’t these days 😉

    • I’m excited to see this one.

  2. I’m on the flip side of this. I dig Spielberg but just not his dramas. DD Lewis looks astounding as Lincoln. Give him the Oscar already.

    • Daniel Day-Lewis looks incredible. I’d be really surprised if he doesn’t win an Oscar. Thanks for commenting.

      • He pratically stole Gangs of New York from every other actor in the movie.

      • Loved his performance in Gangs of New York.

  3. yes. lincoln sweeps!!!

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