Posted by: ckckred | September 8, 2012

The Breaking Bad Watch: Gliding Over All

I review the midseason finale of Breaking Bad

Spoiler’s Alert: If you haven’t seen the midseason finale of Breaking Bad, do not read.

First, I would like to apologize for the very late review.  I watched the remaining episodes of Breaking Bad that I missed, so I might as well get my ultra-positive review out.

As you could tell from the previous sentence, I really loved this episode of Breaking Bad.  So much that it is a top contender for being the best TV episode for the year.  It also shows how great Breaking Bad has grown over the years.  It was great when it started but every season the show has only grown better.  Bad has become so great it may be the greatest TV drama ever made.  Period.

Now let’s get to the episode “Gliding Over All,” which capped off this half of a season. Much of the episode was dedicated to Walt setting up his empire.  He’s in command now with Mike out of the way.  We can see he has become ruthless and commanding. Even Jesse has become afraid of him and backed off.

And Walt has done everything to guarantee his safety.  He killed off the nine men (ten if you count the lawyer) that knew his identity in a brilliant scene that reminded me of the Layla sequence in GoodFellas.  He expanded his empire to the Czech Republic and has officially become “the King”.

But the biggest question of the episode is why did Walt back off?  He cemented the empire he always dreamed about making so why did he quit?  Did he realize that he was putting his family in jeopardy?  Did his cancer suddenly reappear?  Or was it the giant pile of money he has which is so big that Skyler lost count?

The show doesn’t explain (at least not yet) and it doesn’t need to.  We’re wrapped up in the suspense of the show that we feel every single emotion that happens to Walt. Even still Walt believes he’s doing the right thing.  He even gives Jesse the $5 million that he was supposed to receive, despite that Jesse had already left him.

Vince Gilligan has always described Breaking Bad as a transition from Mr. Chips to Scarface.  Before the final minute it looked like Walt had gone back to Mr. Chips with the whole family across the table.  But then Hank soon discovers after seeing a book Gus gave to Walt the truth.  And then the episode ended.

You could not ask for a better cliffhanger than that.  I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down every second until Breaking Bad returns.


  1. I saw this come up on my reader and I couldn’t help but come running over straight away! All things Breaking Bad = win, and when having no one here in the UK to talk to about it, it makes it hard to resist everything I read about it haha!

    I have to agree though, I feel this episode has to be the best in TV this year, every minute of the show was executed perfectly, and the questions as to what will happen in the remaining episodes is something I cant wait to see answered.

    • I loved it as well. I really can’t wait for the new episodes to come.

    • I’m a big fan too. I even got to say that it’s the best television show I’ve ever seen. The writers care about what they put on/in the script. The directors understand the story. The actors believe in their roles. Camera, sound, scores, art direction, lighting, set design… I’m sure the Kraft team loves their job too!

  2. […] and shows how perfect Vince Gilligan’s creation is.  The episode starts off where “Gliding Over All” ended, with Walt out of the meth business, Jesse with $5 million, and Hank knowing the truth […]

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