Posted by: ckckred | September 4, 2012

Editor’s Note: My Film Schedule and the Best Summer Films

The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest film, comes out very soon

I recently challenged myself to watch a bunch of films coming out soon.  So for the next few months I’m going to try to focus on finishing this list as well as posting some more TV news.  The Master comes out in a few weeks, so I’ll be seeing that soon.

In other news, I’ll put out a short list of my favorite summer films!  And they are:

1. Moonrise Kingdom

2. Beasts of the Southern Wild

3. The Dark Knight Rises

Yeah, I didn’t see very much.  I could throw the other few I saw, Prometheus and The Amazing Spider-Man, as honorable mentions, but I thought they were good at best.



  1. I hear that The Intouchables is a fantastic movie as well.

    • It’s gotten mixed reviews and a 57 on Metacritic. I’m not to sure if I should see it or not.

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