Posted by: ckckred | September 2, 2012

What is the Worst Bond Film?

For today’s question, I decided to ask another Bond question.  A while ago I asked what is the Best Bond film (my answer was Goldfinger), so today I’ll be asking which was the worst?

Quantum of Solace, sadly, is the worst Bond movie in my opinion

My answer would be the most recent of the Bond films Quantum of Solace, which followed one of the best (Casino Royale).  I liked Daniel Craig as James Bond, but the movie was too action-packed, the plot was too confusing, and the villain and Bond girl weren’t memorable at all.

But which one do you think is the worst?



  1. For me it has to be Die Another Day. It just went ridiculous with the over the top technology and stupid set pieces. So glad they biffed off that style in favour of Casino Royale after that.

    • Oh yeah, that was a bad one. I agree that it went too over the top too.

  2. The Worst, To Me, Has Always Been “Die Another Day”.
    I Always Liked Pierce Brosnan As Bond (“GoldenEye” Is A Favorite) But “Die Another Day” Gets My Vote As The Worst Bond Flick.
    Good Question, Dude.
    I’m Curious As To What Other Peeps Will Say 🙂

    • Die Another Day is pretty bad. It’s sad because Brosnan is pretty good as Bond. You aren’t the only one who thinks Die Another Day’s the worst. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Great post, I would have to say Moonraker, I think it is just so over the top.

    • Believe it or not, I was actually one of the few people who enjoyed Moonraker. I can see why it’s often viewed as one of the worst, but I always have a lot of fun watching it. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I’m with vinnieh on this one, unless you count the two not made by Eon. Over the top and also I find often pretty boring. I’m also not a fan of Jaws’s treatment either.
    It’s interesting to hear you say that you enjoy Moonraker, is there something you particularly like about it? I’m just curious because I rarely hear people saying good things about it!

    • I found Moonraker to be enjoyable because I kind of enjoyed the cheesiness of the film, plus I do have a thing for the Roger Moore movies. It doesn’t really compare to Goldfinger or Casino Royale but it isn’t dreadful. I’ve never really thought Jaws was well translated in the Bond films. Thanks for commenting.

  5. The Man with the Golden Gun was the one that sucked.

    • That one was bad.

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