Posted by: ckckred | August 31, 2012

E. T. vs. Star Wars: Which Film is Better?

In this week’s versus post, I pit two of the biggest sci-fi films against each other

Well, the other day I looked back on two of my favorite films of all time, George Lucas’ Star Wars and Steven Spielberg’s E. T.  Both are films that have really stayed through me since I first saw them and have a deep place in my heart.  And they both broke box office records and changed the face of cinema.  But which one is better?

Star Wars is more of an action film that owes its credit to some of the sci-fi shorts from the 50s.  It was the first real film to come up with marketing and was back then the highest grossing film of all time.  If adjusted for inflation, Star Wars would be the second highest grossing movie ever, just behind Gone with the Wind.

It can also be mentioned that Star Wars is perhaps the most imaginative and extensive film ever made.  It was filled with different places, strange creatures, and fantastic characters.  When most films create a world for you, Star Wars created a universe.

E. T. also had great commercial success, but really is a different achievement. Where Star Wars owes its inspiration to sci-fi comics and shorts, E. T. shares a similarity with another Spielberg film: Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Like Close Encounters, the aliens in E. T. come in peace and are friendly creatures, while in most films aliens are seen as threats.

But it also can be seen that E. T. is the closest film to a child’s heart.  The center character Elliot is lonely and finds a friend in E. T.  You really do care for the characters in the film, and by the end of the movie I was bawling in my seat.

So if I had to pick between the two, I’d pick E. T. because it moved me more emotionally (this is not to say Star Wars didn’t).  E. T. has captured the hearts of both adults and kids forever, and is the best film a kid could love.



  1. “E.T.” Also Holds A Special Place In My Heart, Sir. It’s The First Film I Ever Saw In The Theater. I Then Saw It Again In 1992 When It Was Re-Released In Theaters For It’s 10TH Anniversary. If I Had To Choose Between The Original “Star Wars” Flick And “E.T.” I Would, Like You, Choose “E.T.” 🙂
    Excellent Post, Sir!

    • Thanks! I saw E. T. when I was six and loved it, and my appreciation has only grown throughout the years. I do love Star Wars, but E. T. is a film that really makes me emotional.

  2. It all depends, in my opinion. E.T. is a film I didn’t really care for when I first saw it (I was five or six), but then I saw it again (age 10), I loved it so much I revisited it the very next day. I love Star Wars and have since I first saw it, however, and I’ve seen it at least eight times. So essentially, Star Wars outdoes E.T. But if you factor in all those subpar prequels, E.T. is the victor.

    • I’d say E. T. is better than the first Star Wars, though it comes very close. But if you put the prequels in, E. T. wins by a large margin. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I love “E.T.” but no other film has had quite the effect on me that “Star Wars” did. I was 6 when “Star Wars” came around…11 by the time “E.T.” hit. So “Star Wars” had a much greater effect on my childhood. Given the choice of which to watch…I’d pick “Star Wars” every time.

    • Stars Wars had a really big impact on me as well. I’d pick E. T., but Stars Wars comes very close.

  4. Great post, this is a hard question. I would have to say E.T as it had the biggest emotional impact on me.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you loved E. T. as well.

  5. Even though I’m a HUGE Star Wars fans, I would say ET just because it’s a standalone movie. If Star Wars was just A New Hope and that’s it, it’s not a very strong film.

    • Star Wars does depend on the other films, but I still think A New Hope is very strong. I love E. T. as well. Thanks for commenting!

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