Posted by: ckckred | August 27, 2012

Charlie Kaufman Marathon!

One of the most acclaimed screenwriters in the past decade, Charlie Kaufman is a man who is widely respected in today’s film community

Today I’m going to start up something I’ve never done before: a movie marathon.  I never thought about doing one before, but decided to start with someone who I’ve gained more interest in: Charlie Kaufman.

In the next few weeks or so I’ll be reviewing a few of Kaufman’s films.  I’ll kick it off with Being John Malkovich tomorrow, which will be followed by Adaption and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  And I’ll hopefully see his latest film Synecdoche, New York, which Roger Ebert named the best film of the last decade, soon.

In other news my copy of A Separation has finally arrived.  I’ll hope to see that within the next few days as well as The Big Lebowski.



  1. I had another comment planned, but damn, what an oddity I saw in the last sentence. You’re watching The Big Lewbowski soon, eh? Our reviews could quite possibly intersect. I have the film in transit for me at the library (waiting for pickup are five more classics I STILL haven’t seen: Fight Club–oops just talked about it, Chariots of Fire, Zodiac: The Director’s Cut, THX 1138, and Rushmore).

    • I’ve wanted to watch Lebowski for a while, and I should see that tommorow. Of the ones on your list (I haven’t seen Zodiac and THX), I recommend Fight Club and Rushmore. I didn’t like Chariots of Fire very much. I hope to read your new reviews soon!

  2. Looking forward to your reviews. Kaufman is a director that I need to see more of.

    • Thanks! I should have a review of Being John Malkovich by the end of the day.

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