Posted by: ckckred | August 22, 2012

The Office is Finally Ending

After nine seasons, the show is coming to a close

Listen, I love The Office.  I consider the American version to be better than the British (and that’s saying something because I loved the British version), plus for many years it made me laugh, cry, and really care for the characters, something uncommon among most shows these days.  I’d be willing to call it a tie with Arrested Development to name it the Best Sitcom of the Decade, and would say it was one of my ten favorite shows of all time. But for the past few seasons, the show has fallen downhill.  Really downhill.  Actually, it felt like it fell off a cliff.

Season 6 was an obvious drop-off from the previous one.  Season 7 was a little bit better, and gave us some fantastic episodes, like “Goodbye Michael.”  But the show pretty much died after Steve Carrell left.  Without Michael Scott, the producers couldn’t figure out who to focus on and made many characters unlikable (Andy and Kevin in particular) and gave characters major subplots who were never likable in the first place (Erin).

I thought NBC would ultimately keep The Office on longer than The Simpsons, but as it turns out, season 9 will be the last of the show.  This may have to coincide with the spin-off featuring Dwight.  Or it may have to do with show’s dwindling fan base (less than five million viewers each episode).

I can’t really say I’m sad since I haven’t watched the show since January.  But this kind of makes me think that they should have done this a long time ago.  The Niagara Falls episode would have been good.  Same said about “Goodbye Michael.”  But at least the protects the reputation of the show, no matter how small it is now.  I still have much respect for it and am glad it could finally rest in peace, even if it is a few years too late.



  1. A vital part of all sit coms is knowing when to stop, which many don’t seem to know. Other than The Office a prime example is Scrubs, which started off fun and quirky and just ended whiney and repetative.

    I guess a big part of it is whether or not the show is bringing money in. If something is making the producers money, they’re unlikey to stop making it. Rather than quit while their ahead.

    Oh, what a world!

    • The Office is still one of NBC’s highest rated shows (though the high bar on NBC is pretty low). I’m glad they’re quitting but wish that happened about three seasons ago. Thanks for commenting.

  2. The BBC version went out on such a high note and it’s a shame that the NBC version passed their highest notes and we’re going to be leaving the show like this. Still, I’m happy that they are finally ending it and I love the show too. Once Pam and Jim got together they started to lose focus and then when Michael left they started reiterating story lines altogether. It’s been a mess.

    • That’s true. The Office has just been repeating storylines and dumbing down the characters. The final episode of the BBC version is certainly one of the best finales on television. We probably won’t get the same with the NBC The Office, but at least it won’t go on forever.

  3. This show should have ended with Michael’s departure in Season 7 and I say that as a massive fan. Season 8 was awful with “Angry Andy” being the episode that finally caused me to stop watching. The episodes that focused on Sabre Special Projects Manager Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate) were complete dross. This was a once great show. I’ll miss it.

    • I stopped watching somewhere halfway through season 8. I just got so tired of the characters, who the writers made so annoying. I loved the show, and I still miss the glory days of season 2 to 5.

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