Posted by: ckckred | August 8, 2012

Editor’s Note: Another Hiatus…

After just coming back about a week and a half ago, I’ll be going away again.  I might have time to write a few posts in between but that will be minimal.  I apologize for this late notice and hope that this doesn’t effect my readership.

In return, I’ll try to have reviews of Paths of Glory, one of Stanley Kubrick’s best films, and Empire of the Sun, one of Spielberg’s most overlooked, up in the next day or so. I’ve been planning a film marathon when I get back, meaning that I will write a lot of reviews when I come home (most of them on my list on Nostra’s movie confession blogathon), plus I’ll keep on recapping the latest of Breaking Bad.



  1. Hope you have a good break, can’t wait for the new reviews.

  2. Thanks for favouriting my new post

  3. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Paths of Glory. I’ve been thinking about rewatching that one soon too as part of an all-Kubrick week…

    • Thanks. I should have a review pretty soon.

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