Posted by: ckckred | August 7, 2012

Trailer Analysis: The Neighbors

For TV, it’s easy to spot terrible shows.  I predicted that Work It would be dreadful just based off the trailer, and boy, was I right.  Not only was Work It critically panned (it received a 19 on Metacritic), but audiences completely ignored it too.  The show only aired two episodes before being cancelled.

I got the same feeling while watching the trailer for The Neighbors, a new ABC comedy about a family who moves into a town inhabited by aliens.  The plot is similar to the recent movie The Watch, which was critically maligned and flopped in theaters.  It wouldn’t be surprising if the same thing happened to The Neighbors.

When I looked at the trailer, I couldn’t help noting how cheesy it felt.  Though it’s a single camera sitcom, it seemed almost like one of the multi-camera comedies that were popular about fifty years ago.  The family seems like a parody of typical TV families (moronic dad, nagging mom), plus it’s filled with jokes so dumb that even Dane Cook wouldn’t steal them.

I tried looking for something positive to say about The Neighbors but I just couldn’t.  I just felt it seemed too cold.  Even the special effects look terrible.  My only hope is that it’s SLIGHTLY better than the trailer indicates.


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