Posted by: ckckred | August 7, 2012

The Breaking Bad Watch: Fifty One

Walter White celebrates his 51st birthday in the newest episode

Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers.

Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad takes place a year after the Walt’s diagnosis, something quite surprising.  A lot has happened between the pilot and “Fifty One.”  If this episode indicated anything, Walt has finished his transformation from Mr. Chips to Scarface.

What’s interesting about Walt is that he always thinks he’s helping his family.  Walt thinks he’s still Mr. Chips, and is only making drugs to support them.

But he’s not and Skyler knows this.  Anna Gunn does a terrific job playing Skyler, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for her role.  Gunn is absolutely chilling in “Fifty One,” as Skyler’s life seems to slowly fall apart.

Walt has become selfish and arrogant.  He rudely asks for a big birthday party, and clearly doesn’t pay attention to the people he loves.  Walt doesn’t notice this, and thinks what he’s doing is right.  Ever since he killed Gus Fring, Walt has felt he’s invincible.  Gus was the danger in his life.  Now that he’s gone, Walt’s the king.

But in his chilling confrontation with Skyler, we learn that Walt’s greatest enemy might be under his own roof.  Skyler wants her children to be safe and will do anything to protect them.  She’s scared of what Walt has become, and knows that he’ll get his family in danger, no matter how careful he is.

But Walt doesn’t care.  He still thinks he’s making the right desicion.  Even as Skyler tells him she’s waiting for his cancer to return, Walt does responds calmly saying that she will learn to forgive him and love him again.  He believes that he is king and there is no threat.

If “Fifty One” was anything, it was an indication of Walt’s fall.  I have no idea where Vince Gilligan’s going to take the series for the final season, but it sure isn’t going to be pretty.


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