Posted by: ckckred | August 5, 2012

What Snack Do You Get For The Movies?

I want to brighten up my blog a little bit, so every Sunday from now on I’m going to ask a movie related question.  Here’s my first one: what snack do you get at the movie theater?

There’s no better way to enjoy the movies than a sugary mix of ice and artificial flavoring

When I go, I always get an ICEE, which is pretty much a slushy with much more sugar.  For all my life I have always gotten an ICEE to go to a film, no matter how unhealthy they are (and how old I am, I really don’t care that everyone tells me they’re just for kids).  At the local AMC theater, the small size is enormous and usually lasts me the entire film (still costs about $5 though).  Strangely enough, by the time I finish drinking an ICEE, I’m a lot more thirsty than when I first got it.

At home, I almost never get a snack.  Sometimes I’ll get a soda or some popcorn, but I’ve only done that once or twice.  Maybe If I’m with some of my friends I’ll get a bowl of chips down.

But anyways, what snacks do you enjoy at the movies?



  1. It’s The Only Time I Allow Myself A Large Soda (Always A Coke), And I Get Skittles OR Reese’s Pieces! 🙂

    • Whenever I get something to eat at the theater, I usually get Skittles or Reese’s Pieces too! Nice choices.

  2. Hot Tamales or Swedish Fish used to be my snacks of choice. I try not to eat anything at the theater anymore, though.

    • I haven’t had swedish fish in a while. I have to get that next time I go to the movies. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Popcorn and water for me!

    • I always try to grab a bucket at the theater.

  4. Popcorn for me, sometimes a soft pretzel. My main theater actually has a Starbucks inside so I’ll occasionally get a frappuccino too

    • Hmm, a frappuccino during a movie does sound good. Thanks for commenting.

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