Posted by: ckckred | August 5, 2012

Cinamatic’s 1 Year Blogging Spectacular!

About one year and one day ago, on August 4th 2011, I started up a film blog.  I always was interested in movies: I was a rising film student and I watched way too many movies and TV, so I decided to find a place to express my thoughts.

That place was WordPress.  I originally called my blog Ckckred (after my username), and had written shorts posts on meaningless news like that Burger King had gotten rid of its mascot.

Unfortunately, no one actually ever read my blog, except for a few friends and family members (that doesn’t really count).  So by November, I decided to amp it up.  I changed the name to Cinematic and started writing more lengthy posts and reviews.

By December, other people actually started reading my blog.  Since then, I have received two 7×7 awards and have written 323 posts.

So in honor of myself, I will name some of the significant moments in my blogging history.

1st Post: Hello world!

1st Post where I found out how to use categories and tags: That Crazy Old Coot who thinks we’ll all die

1st Serious Review: The Descendants: The Sweet, Sad, Somber Song of Hawaii

1st Trailer Analysis: The Three Stooges: Trailer Analysis

100th Post: Merry Christmas… and a happy 100 posts!

Oscar Review: The Oscars: A Likeable Show with some faults that’s full of nostalgia

10 Best Films of 2012: Re-Writing My Favorite Films of 2011: Now 10 Movies (opinions change.  Once I see A Separation I’ll update the list for the final time)

200th Post: Mad Men Returns With A Little Kiss

Tribeca Film Festival: My Thoughts on Tribeca

Strongest Review: Prometheus: It Aims For Greatness but (just) misses the mark (I edited it about five times and it was the first review where I really analyzed all parts of a film)

Best Analysis Post: Does a Critic’s Opinion Matter?

300th Post: Emmy Nominations: My (Poor) Reactions



  1. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations and cool post! I enjoyed looking at some of the posts I hadn’t read.

    • Thanks! I hope to write many more!

  3. Congratulations on making it a year! I’m glad you’re still around so I can read your posts occasionally. Good luck on making it two!

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