Posted by: ckckred | July 31, 2012

Breaking Bad hits Season 5 with a Fiery Punch

Walter White and Jesse confront Mike in the season premiere of Breaking Bad

Note: I’ve been away for a while, and just got around to visit all three new episodes of Breaking Bad.  I’m putting them into one giant review, just because I’m feeling kind of lazy.  From here on out, I’ll try to post a single post for each episode.  Oh yeah, there will be spoilers.

It’s been amazing watching Breaking Bad over the years.  In Season 1, it became TV’s biggest surprised, as no one knew Bryan Cranston, who starred in the family comedy Malcolm in the Middle, would be so convincing as teacher turned drug lord Walter White.  In Season 2, it proved that it wasn’t a one hit wonder and improved even more.  And by Season 3, Bad became the pinnacle of television, surpassing even Mad Men.  Bad has held that reign through Season 4, and Season 5 indicates the show’s as strong as ever.  I’m kind of annoyed AMC decided to split the final season into two parts a la Sopranos, but no matter.  Breaking Bad is the best show playing on television, and may be one of the best dramas ever on television.

The show picks up from last season when Walter White took down Gus Fring.  Now Walt and Jesse have to clean up and resume their meth making business now that there’s a huge empty slot.  But they need some help from Mike Ehrmantraut for distribution, who is still angry at White for killing Gus.

The first episode, “Live Free or Die,” revolves around the trio trying to destroy Gus Fring’s laptop which has the three one video with the drug lord.  The second, “Madrigal,” is about White trying to resume his life with Skyler while Mike meets with some of Gus’ other employees and tries to keep them to be quiet from the police. And the third, “Hazard Pay,” has Walt, Jesse, and Mike finally start their new drug organization.

There are so many fantastic things of the episodes I don’t know where to begin. Bryan Cranston is fantastic as Walter White and totally deserves his recently nominated Emmy.  Aaron Paul is great as Jesse Pinkham as well, and I have a tough time picking between him or Giancarlo Esposito for Best Supporting Actor.

But what really surprised me is Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike.  Banks gives off a dangerous vibe as Mike, hinting a possible future rivalry between him and Walt.

Vince Gillgan, the show’s creator, has long stated that Breaking Bad is the transformation of Walter White, as he turns him from Mr. Chips into Scarface (the last scene of Scarface is actually seen in “Madrigal”).  Over the past seasons, we’ve really seen White change.  It’s hard to remember the nerdy high school chemistry teacher has become a fearless drug lord.

All in all, Breaking Bad has set itself up an enormous TV juggernaut.  After seeing these first three episodes, you know this season’s going to be incredible.


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