Posted by: ckckred | July 24, 2012

What? Monkeys on Primetime in Animal Practice

The new NBC series, Animal Practice, features a monkey

About a month ago when I was watching a recorded episode of Parks and Recreation, I saw a 10 second clip for a new NBC comedy that featured a monkey riding a bicycle.  I immediately thought this was a late April Fool’s joke.

As it turns out, I was wrong.  That was actually a promo for a real show called Animal Practice, which is about a goofy veterinarian office that has a monkey as a doctor.  You can see the trailer below.

I don’t like saying something’s probably going to be terrible.  But just judging by it, it looks terrible.

I just couldn’t get over the concept of all the animals on a show.  Don’t get me wrong.  Eddie from Frasier made me laugh.  Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II are great on The Simpsons.  And who could forget Lassie?

But those shows, with the exception of Lassie, weren’t really entirely based on the animals.  Eddie wasn’t the center of Frasier, and Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II aren’t major characters on The Simpsons. Animal Practice, on the other hand, is all about animals and is full of animal jokes, which will make all people under the age of twelve cry out with laughter.  And does anyone remember the critically panned Zookeeper from last year?

More importantly, how could NBC, the same channel that gives us Parks and Rec and Community, make something so low-brow (well, they did make Whitney).  The concept just seems so overly obnoxious and seems like a one-time joke.

I guess I can compliment the main lead Justin Kirk, who gives a devoted performance.  Still, I doubt the series could operate as a whole.



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