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My Movie Confessions

Though some may disagree, I think watching Chariots of Fire is about as exciting as running itself

I heard about a blogathon bout movie confessions.  I decided to immediately join.  If you also want to do it, go to for details.

Which classic movie don’t you like/can’t enjoy and why?

Chariots of Fire.  I’ve never been able to sit through it without falling asleep.  Plus I’ve never forgiven the movie for beating Raiders of the Lost Ark for Best Picture.

Which ten classic movies haven’t you seen yet?

(In no particular order)

Aguirre: The Wrath of God

The General

8 1/2

The Seventh Seal

Bicycle Theif


The Deer Hunter


The Big Lebowski

Some Like It Hot

Have you ever sneaked into another movie at the cinema?

Once my tickets got mixed up so the movie theater gave me two tickets for two different movies.  Besides that, I’ve never gone to two movies in a row at the cinema, and have never sneaked in.

Which actor/actress do you think is overrated?

There are plenty, but I think Angelina Jolie is the most overrated actress.  I’ve never liked any of her performances and the only reason I think she won an Oscar was because of her popularity.

From which big director have you never seen any movie (and why)?

I’ve never seen a film from Werner Herzog.  I’ve always wanted to (Aguirre: The Wrath of God is on my list above).  I guess the reason I’ve never had is that I haven’t seen that many foreign films.

Which movie do you love, but is generally hated?

It wasn’t the brightest of comedies, but I actually thought Dinner for Schmucks was pretty funny.  I didn’t love it, but I liked Steve Carell, and it made me laugh.  That counts for something.

Have you ever been “one of those annoying people” at the cinema?

When I was seven, I used to talk at the movies all the time.  I stopped doing that now, though when I’m watching a bad movie with one of my friends, I’ll sometimes riff the film MST3K-style (though when I’m in a theater, I whisper it).

Did you ever watch a movie, which you knew in advance would be bad, just because of a specific actor/actress was in it? Which one and why?

I’m a fan of MST3K, so I’ve seen plenty of bad movies, but they’re packed with hilarious commentary.  I saw Cop and a Half because I liked the Siskel and Ebert argument.  If it has an actor I love like Robert DeNiro (who has made plenty of bad movies), I might watch it.

Did you ever not watch a specific movie because it had subtitles?

Never.  If it’s a foreign film, I want to read the subtitles instead of hearing it dubbed. I don’t mind reading out the dialogue.

Are there any movies in your collection that you have had for more than five years and never watched?

I’ve had Rain Man for years, and I’ve never seen it.  I should watch that some time soon.

Which are the worst movies in your collection and why do you still own them?

I have an obsession with the Japanese Godzilla series even though those films are quite bad.  I think I have about ten on DVD and two on tape (yes, I still have some old VCRs).

Do you have any confessions about your movie watching setup at home?

When I watch a movie, I usually do it on my big screen TV with a surround sound system.  Sometimes I watch a film on my laptop, usually if it’s on Netflix (I’m too lazy to set it up on my Blu-Ray player).  I try to buy all my films on Blu-Ray because I like the high quality.
Any other confessions you want to make?
I think director Steven Soderbergh is pretty overrated as well.  Never liked any of his movies.


  1. Soderbergh? How can you not at least like Traffic?

    • I actually haven’t seen Traffic, but from what I’ve movies of his that I viewed, I don’t really like his style. I don’t think he’s a bad director, but I’m not really a fan. Anyway, thanks for commenting.

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers, and totally agree with you about Angelina Jolie, though in my mind she has a fierce competition with Natalie Portman for being the most overrated actress. My favourite answer of yours, though, is ‘I’ve had Rain Man for years, and I’ve never seen it.’ Omg…This is a classic line, I should write it down! 🙂

    • I agree with you on Natalie Portman. Besides The Black Swan, she hasn’t really been in any good roles.

      I really need to see Rain Man. I always put it off for another day. Thanks for commenting.

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  4. Great post, glad to know that I’m not the only person who hasn’t seen Brazil, I’ve only ever seen snippets of it.

    • I just got in on DVD, so I’m going to watch it soon. I love Terrance Gilliam on Monty Python, so I have a lot of hype for the film. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Thanks for taking time to participate!

    Have not seen Chariots of Fire (I even never heard of it) and if it wasn’t for your post I wouldn’t make the connection to the scene of Mr. Bean during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics 🙂
    Shocking that it beat Raiders!

    Out of those 10 classic movies (some I haven’t seen) my favorites are The General and Some Like it Hot. 8 1/2 I really didn’t like.

    Angelina Jolie has been named a lot, so you are not the only one!

    You really should see some Herzog films. I love his documentaries (have seen a lot of them). I’m a big fan. Try to see something of him as soon as possible 🙂

    Yeah, I enjoyed Dinner for Schmucks as well and didn’t understand all the hate it got.

    What’s MST3K?

    • No problem!

      Chariots of Fire is about the British Team winning the Olympics for running and in my opinion, the best part about it is the song (I liked the part of this year’s Olympics that involved Mr. Bean playing the song). I’ve always held a grudge against for beating Raiders.

      I’ve had The General and Some Like It Hot in my Amazon cart for quite a while now, and really want to see both of them.

      I’m glad to see I’m not alone with thinking Jolie’s overrated. Honestly, I’ve never seen a performance where she’s been good. I don’t know why she popular either.

      As for Herzog, I’ve always heard great things about him. I found a few of his documentaries on Netflix Instant, so I’ll probably watch one sometime soon.

      I never understood why so many people hated Dinner for Schmucks. It made ma laugh, and that’s what the filmmakers wanted to do.

      MST3K stands for Mystery Science Theater 3000, a TV show about a man trapped in space by mad scientists who is forced to watch bad movies. The only way he can survive is by riffing them. It’s a really funny show and there are some episodes available on Netflix, Hulu, and on Youtube.

      Thanks for commenting!

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