Posted by: ckckred | July 21, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Superman: Man of Steel (Teaser)

It’s been six years since Warner Bros. has tried to reboot Superman without success.  The movie Superman Returns didn’t flop, but disappointed with a low $391 million.

So now they’re rebooting it again not that long afterward.  Superman: Man of Steel is directed by Zach Snyder, one of my least favorite filmmakers working right now.  But it’s also produced by Christopher Nolan, one of my favorite filmmaker’s working right now.

And, by the looks of the trailer, Nolan has rubbed off on the film.  It looks more serious, more emotional than the last one.  And that’s pretty good.

DC Comics has had a hard time making comic book movies mostly because they can’t set a good move.  Films like Catwoman and The Green Lantern were laughed off because of their stupidity.  Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, however, got strong reviews because the filmmakers took Batman seriously.  If DC does this for all of their films, they could separate themselves from Marvel and have their own brand.

I enjoyed the trailer, and have some hope for the film.  The original Superman was a childhood favorite for many, so it’d be great to see that happen again.


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