Posted by: ckckred | July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Shootings

12 people were killed during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises

Yesterday in Colorado at midnight during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, someone tear gassed the audience and killed 12 people and injured 50 altogether.

This event is tragic and has been large in recent news.  Stuff like this is never happy, and very sad to all the victims’ families.

So let’s all wish the best for these people and hope an event like this will never happen again.  Thank you.



  1. I will never understand why people do such stupid things. You know, you just sit down in a chair, watch the trailers, and ENJOY THE FUCKING MOVIE. Plus one of the people who was killed was a three month old baby (which brings another problem that may be more common but isn’t relevent). Now I have better reason to wait on this one for two or three weeks. This is absolutely terrible. I’ll remember those people and I hope the shooter is either in prison or dead.

    • It’s just terrible. I heard that the killer actually had a bomb in his house, which means he could have had something terrible planned. I hope something like this never happens again.

  2. Was just watching CNN and Newt Gingrich is on The 6 P.M. News Hour with Wolf Blitzer explaining how to stop the gun violence in the U.S. He remarks that American military deaths for the entire war in Iraq totalled some 4,500, while at home, many, many, times that number of lives had been lost each year of that war. That pesky 2nd Amendment rears its ugly head again. Gingrich says that swiftly-executed justice would give a message to criminal types that they would quickly pay for their crimes, if this were done. He decris the ten years spent with lawyers, and ten years spent in appeals before the courts. I guess he’s looking for a little “Cuban woodshed justice.” I do find this a little hypocritical, though, since he was the speaker of the house for quite a while, during which time, surely, he could have insisted that something meaningful be done about the gun violence.
    This is really all academic though, for Christians. The promise of the Creator, through his Word, the Bible, is that “death will be no more, neither will mourning be any more,” these having “passed away.” (Revelation / Apocalypse 21:3, 4.)
    On top of this, the scriptures promise a resurrection of all those who have died in the past; not to heavenly life, as some have speculated, but rather to a life on a paradise earth, restored at the Creator’s hand. The thought at Psalm 37:10, 11, 29 is an excellent reference for this. This was a common belief in Jesus’ day.
    Can you imagine all the dead of the two World Wars being restored to life? Thing is, they haven’t been parceled off to heaven, as some would have you believe. Rather, they have the hope of being allowed to live forever in that same paradise earth.
    So, in reality, the ones who lost their lives are better off than we are, since they already qualify for that resurrection, whereas, we may not.
    Food for thought?

    • I don’t really want to express my political opinion on the blog, but I do find today’s gun control quite ridiculous. Many movie theaters are starting to increase security, and who wants to do that before going to a movie? For me, the movie theater has always been a domain of safety and I hate seeing that violated by this killer. Thanks for commenting.

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