Posted by: ckckred | July 16, 2012

Editor’s Note: Breaking Bad, Batman, and other things…

The best show on television has finally come back

Breaking Bad premiered last night and unfortunately I couldn’t watch it.  I’ll also be missing the next episode.  Fortunately, when I get back I’ll be able to write reviews for both.  So can I please ask that no one gives spoilers on the site.

And in case if you aren’t anticipating The Dark Knight Rises enough, Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter didn’t just give it a great review, but called it the best of the trilogy.  He said

This last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes everything in the rival Marvel universe look thoroughly silly and childish. Entirely enveloping and at times unnerving in a relevant way one would never have imagined, as a cohesive whole this ranks as the best of Nolan’s trio, even if it lacks — how could it not? — an element as unique as Heath Ledger’s immortal turn in The Dark Knight. It’s a blockbuster by any standard.

So for many Batman diehards out there (and there are a lot), you know it’s going to be great.  Plus, Christopher Nolan said he was not going to be involved in the Justice League movie in any way.  I’m praising his desicion (see my thoughts why here).

On other news, I’ll have a review for a documentary I saw of AC/DC later today.  Plus, I’ve gotten copies of a few films I haven’t seen, including 8 1/2BrazilThe Deer Hunter, and A Separation (the final one I pre-ordered and will come in August).  I’ll be sure to write reveiws for all of them.


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