Posted by: ckckred | July 13, 2012

What Will Happen to Batman?

How will it all end?

Christopher Nolan has told audiences that this is the final Batman film in his saga.  It’s been a great run, and Nolan has successfully redeemed the series after Joel Schumacher ruined it.  And I’m praising his desicion to keep the film in both 2-D and on film (I’m sure Warner Brothers was pressuring him to do so).

One thing notable about the film is that it’s the conclusion to the trilogy.  As sad as I am to see Batman go, I think it’s a smart idea.  You can’t just kill the same idea over and over like the old Batman series did.

So what will happen to Bruce Wayne?  Is Batman going to carry on and defeat Bane or fall?

I don’t think Nolan’s going to give the Dark Knight a happy ending.  The series has always been about Bruce Wayne questioning himself.  In The Dark Knight, he (spoiler) sacrificed his persona by telling the police he killed Harvey Dent, preventing the thousands of criminals from being let out of prison (it’s a long story, don’t let me explain it).

So I think that Batman’s going to have to sacrifice himself again for the city.  But will he live?  I’m guessing no, as that would be too easy of an ending.  The character of Batman has always been heroic and self-serving.

So I’m really excited to see the film.  Once I do, I’ll have a review published.


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