Posted by: ckckred | July 12, 2012

The Best (and Worst) of the Year So Far In Movies and TV

Since it’s past the six month line, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the best and worst of the year on TV and movies.  It’s been a good year for box office revenue, as The Avengers became the third highest grossing film of all time and The Hunger Games became the new teen series.  TV ratings have been a little steady as well.

But I’m talking about the best here, and viewership doesn’t equal quality in my book.  If I had to pick the best film of the year so far, I would easily choose Moonrise Kingdom (though I haven’t seen The Beasts of the Southern Wild yet and The Dark Knight Rises comes out next week).  For honorable mentions, what would I pick?  Well, it hasn’t been very great besides that.  I’ll choose The Avengers as one of the most enjoyable.

I’m tempted to put Prometheus in this one.  It has great visuals, a good performance by Michael Fassbender, and terrific direction from Ridley Scott.  However, the film also suffers from its bad dialogue and clunky script.  But it’s better than most blockbusters these days, so I’ll give it a honorable mention as well (though I haven’t really seen anything else that’s very good).

TV, on the other hand, has been great so far this year, and the best show, Breaking Bad, has yet to come.  There’s been some great moments so far this year, and I’ll mention the best.

For drama, I’m picking Mad Men.  The season was bumpier than in the past, but Mad Men‘s the most consistent show on TV.  Honorable mentions go to JustifiedGame of Thrones, and Luck.

For comedy, that’ll be harder.  I’m trying to pick between Parks and Rec and Louie.  Louie‘s appeared for only a few weeks in the six month period, but those episodes were dead on hilarious.  I’m going to be fair, though, and pick Parks and Rec.  Honorable mentions go to The Daily Show with Jon StewartThe Colbert ReportCommunityArcherand Veep.

Now for the worst.  I avoided some of the badly reviewed flicks like Battleship and The Lorax.  If I had to choose the worst film I saw, it’d be between The Three Stooges and John Carter.  I’ll be honest, when The Three Stooges came out, I gave it a positive review and stated it was better than the trailer suggested.  I hold by argument for the latter part.  But after watching some of the old Three Stooges shorts, which I hadn’t seen in about five years, I realized that most of the gags in the movie were ripped off from the shorts.  Still, I enjoyed myself in the theater, which I didn’t for John Carter.

TV, however, has had some pretty bad bombs.  I’m going to stick with the shows that have thus come out this year (it’d be easy to pick on the older one which somehow have stayed on air).  !Rob! comes second for being a terrible, unfunny, and offensive comedy starring a terrible, unfunny, and offensive comic, Rob Schneider.  At least it might have delayed his movie career for a while.

But the worst was Work It!, the dreadful comedy about two men who dress up like women to get pharmaceutical jobs.  The show was just so unfunny, stupid, and offensive to practically anyone who watched it.  It was unbelievable, terribly written, and probably ranks as one of the worst things television has ever created.

So that’s my list I forgot anything and you want to give me any suggestions, just give a comment below.



  1. I’m hopeful that Aaron Sorkin’s new show Network News (I think that’s the name) will continue to get better and better. Do you know how it is doing?

    • You mean Newsroom? It received mixed review, but the ratings have been going up. I have only seen the first episode, and wasn’t convinced to stick to the series, at least not yet. But I’ll give it another try again.

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