Posted by: ckckred | July 12, 2012

Editor’s Note: A Separation comes to DVD

A Separation was listed as the second best film of 2011 (behind The Tree of Life) in Sound and Sight Magazine

I’ve been searching for showtimes, screenings, and copies of the Oscar-winning film (for Best Foreign Movie) A Separation.  Unfortunately, I have found none and wondered if the film will ever be released on DVD?

And as it turns out, it is.  A Separation is coming to DVD this August on the 21st.  I’ll be sure to buy a copy and watch it soon.  As it currently stands, The Tree of Life is my favorite film of 2011, followed by The DescendantsThe ArtistHugo, and Drive.  If A Separation is as great as people say (and I’ve heard some really great things) I’ll be sure to update my list once more (yes, despite the fact that it’s already July).


  1. When I see A Separation (not if and when, because I will without a doubt see it), I will count it on my 2012 end-of-year gathering. It came out to U.S. theaters on the penultimate day of 2011, and for all I know, it didn’t hit theaters within thirty miles of me until mid-January, so I doubt it’s actually fair to go back and score it for 2011. Nice post. I’m excited for this one. Just yesterday, I was making a Springpad note of the “2012 Films I Plan on Seeing” page on my blog and then pairing them with the estimated/definite release dates I found, then had them notify me for updates, just so I got around to seeing every one of these films.

    • A Separation actually debuted earlier, but made its premiere in the US in January. I might count it for the 2012 list, and I’m sure it will be a classic. Why do films like these receive such limited release? Thanks for commenting.

  2. This is a must-see film. I’m going to be buying it on Blu-Ray the day it comes out.

    • I really want to see this. I’m going to pre-order it on Amazon.

  3. I’ve recently been trying to watch more foreign language films so thanks for reminding me of this one.

    • I’ve always been unhappy with my my lacking of knowledge of foreign films. This one I’ve been awaiting too, and I’m can’t wait to see it. Thanks for commenting.

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