Posted by: ckckred | July 7, 2012

The Louie Watch: Telling Jokes/Set Up

Melissa Leo guess starred in this very funny episode

It was a very funny episode of Louie last night.  A lot of people wondered after a terrific second season if the show would suffer a drop.  The answer: no.  The past two episodes have been maniacally funny, and if the Emmys ignore this comic gem, they’ll lose all the respect they have.

This episode first started with Louie and his daughters telling each other jokes.  What made this really funny is the jokes, all of which are nonsensical.  After that, Louie gives a comic routine about his daughters telling him jokes.

The second part of the episode featured Louie being set up on a blind date. He’s set up with a woman played by Melissa Leo, who I didn’t recognize when watching the episode.  And as usual, the awkwardness goes up between the two, especially when Louie asks her about her profession (I was laughing really, really hard there).

The end of the episode featured a pretty dirty finale (I won’t spoil it), but was also insanely funny.  Overall, the episode was hilarious and will certainly come in my mind when naming the best episodes later this year.

Oh yeah, on the side note I saw a little bit of Anger Management, which was really, really awful.  And, unfortunately, it’s on the level as the terrible Two and a Half Men.



  1. Actual conversation while watching this movie –
    Wife: Is that that one chick that swore at the Oscars?
    Me: Melissa Leo? No way.
    [a few minutes later]
    Wife: No, I’m pretty sure that’s her…
    Me: God, what did they do to her?
    [wife goes to IMDB]
    Wife: Crap, it’s not on here
    Me: You’re crazy for thinking that’s her.
    [several minutes later]
    Me: Holy shit that IS Melissa Leo.

    • I didn’t realize it either until I looked it up. I couldn’t believe that was her.

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