Posted by: ckckred | July 2, 2012

Best Worst Movie is the best movie about the worst movie ever made

A few cast members of Troll 2 reunite for Best Worst Movie

There are films that people watch and end up hating, like The Beast of Yucca Flats or North.  Then there are films that are so bad they’re laughable, like Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Troll 2 falls in the later category.

For those of you who haven’t seen Troll 2, it’s about a family going to a house in the small town of Nilbog, which is inhabited by vegetarian goblins (for those of you who didn’t notice, Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards).  The movie doesn’t only have an awful story, but also terrible acting, an extremely cheap production, and everything else. Everything in Troll 2 is pretty much terrible.

Best Worst Movie is a documentary about Troll 2, and also a celebration of it.  The film is directed by Michael Paul Stephenson, who played the boy hero Joshua Waits.  Stephenson tells how he wanted the movie to be his big break as a child star, but ruined all hopes of it.  In the documentary, he’s accompanied by George Hardy, who played Stephenson’s on screen father Michael.

But both Hardy and Stephenson realize how bad the film is now and embraced it.  And in Best Worst Movie, they go out and meet with other cast and crew members and recount the horrible, horrible movie.

The story behind the movie is hilarious.  The writer of the story, Rosella Drudi, wrote the story because she was annoyed that her friends had become vegetarians.  So she and her husband Claudio Fragasso, the director of the film, came from Italy to Utah to shoot the movie.  They hired locals to play out the characters and brought a crew from Italy.

I guess the major reason why the film’s so terrible is that Fragasso and his crew didn’t really no much English.  None of the cast knew what was going on in the film or what was happening.  Even more hilariously, Fragasso believed he knew Americans so well, he added seens that would bewilder most (one included the daughter Holly dancing to some random music and an incredibly creepy scene involving a teen, a goblin queen, and corn).

Much of the film, Hardy and Stephenson meet up with the old cast, made as dysfunctional as the guys in Ed Wood.  Don Packard, who played the general store owner, was actually in a mental institution at the time of the filming and later stated he wasn’t acting.  Darren Ewing, who played Arnold, had to stand in a pot when he became a plant for hours and when he started to complain the crew put a mouthpiece on him.  And Margo Prey, who was the mother, compared Troll 2 to Casablanca.

But the strangest guy of all Fragasso, who didn’t really understand his own film.  The popularity of Troll 2 revolves around its awfulness, which Fragasso didn’t get. He considered the movie a masterpiece as if it were Citizen Kane.  When a fan asks him why the movie was called Troll 2 when it was about goblins, he said that the fan had no idea what the film was about.

Stephenson shows the audience the fans of the film, who love it dearly.  The cult following of Troll 2 is enormous, with many devotees having showings at local theaters. Some make their own goblin masks, fake t-shirts, and some have created fake scripts for Troll 3.

Is Troll 2 really the worst film of all time?  I said on my 10 Worst film list Manos: The Hands of Fate was worst movie ever made, but Troll 2 came second.  The reason I did that is that Troll 2 succeeds in being really, really entertaining and fun to watch, though not in the way the filmmakers attempted.

Overall, I like Best Worst Movie, which pays its respect to Troll 2.  It gives a nice backstory to the film, and shows the audience how a movie can be so bad it’s good.


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