Posted by: ckckred | June 30, 2012

Anger Management Reviews

Charlie Sheen returned on television with over 5 million viewers

On Thursday, I did not watch Anger Management.  This had to do with not only my dislike of Charlie Sheen and of the Adam Sandler movie, but also the bad reviews.

On Metacritic, Anger Management received a 44 for “Mixed or Average Reviews.”  Some comments were good (The Philadelphia Inquirer said it was a “a likable, nicely loaded sitcom”), but more were negative (New York Magazine said, “The dialogue is so weak, the characters so thin, and Sheen’s performance so uncommitted that Anger Management sleepwalks across the screen”).

That didn’t hurt the show’s viewership.  Anger Management broke a ratings record on FX.  The first episode got 5.47 million while the second got an even bigger 5.73 million.  To put that in comparison, most FX show get around 1 or 2 million viewers.

If you liked Anger Management, then good for you.  I personally thought it looked bad, and didn’t see it.  The season premiere of Louie was pretty good anyway.

Does that mean Anger Management will get the 100-episode renewal?  It depends whether the audience is willing to stay.  Take Conan for example, which debuted with over 4 million viewers on TBS and now averages less than a million per episode, which is even less than Chelsea Handler.

After Anger Management ends, if it be 99 episodes from now, Sheen said he’s going to retire.  So that’s at least one thing to look for.


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