Posted by: ckckred | June 20, 2012

Trailer Analysis: The Dark Knight Rises

While looking back on some of my old posts, I realized I never wrote a post for The Dark Knight Rises.  So though this post may be a few months late, I hope it still will be relevant.

Like most people, I loved The Dark Knight in 2008.  Christopher Nolan redeemed the series with his reboot Batman Begins from the absolutely dreadful Batman and Robin.  And he entered new territory of superhero films with The Dark Knight, which was critically praised and beloved by fans.

One of my main concerns for the film at first was Catwoman.  She wasn’t memorable in Batman Returns (and let’s not go to Catwoman), but I think Anne Hathaway can pull it off.  As for Bane, I’m interested in him.  Tom Hardy was fantastic in Inception, and I think he could live up to Heath Ledger’s maniacal performance in The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight is my most awaited film of the summer (though I’m still wondering when does Terrance Mallick’s To The Wonder comes out), so I have very high expectations.  I’m sure the film won’t disappoint.



  1. I wouldn’t kick Catwoman out of bed for eating crackers.

    • I really, really hated Catwoman, but I have a good feeling that she might be good in The Dark Knight Rises.

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