Posted by: ckckred | June 16, 2012

My Opinion on Modern Family

Is TV’s most popular show really TV’s best show?

Since its debut in 2009, Modern Family has been a TV juggernaut.  It swept the Emmys for its first and second seasons, and is sure to do it again this year.  It’s been hailed for its family friendly humor and has recently become the highest rated comedy on television, beating out Two and a Half Men for the spot.

Does this mean Modern Family is the best comedy on television?  In my opinion, no.  It’s a good show, nevertheless, but calling it great is an over exaggeration.  Maybe I’d call the first season great, but the second and third seasons have felt okay at best.

There are plenty of things to praise Modern Family about.  It’s one of the few network shows that contains a gay couple and hispanic actors.  That’s the thing I admire most about Modern Family; its uniqueness has made it stand out from most comedies todays.

However, the show suffers many faults.  For the past two seasons, the writers have repeated the same plots over and over and made former funny characters to watch, such as Cameron, turn too irritating.  Many of the show’s jokes feel like it should be accompanied with a laugh-track.

But notably is the show’s unwillingness to take risk.  The big cliffhanger at the end of season two was Cam and Mitchell’s decision to adopt a son.  Yet in the third season, this was only the subject of a few episodes and only resolved in the season finale.

Compare that to the most recent season of Parks and Recreation.  In it, Leslie Knope runs for office (Modern Family used a similar plotline in the middle of its third season), and that was the subject of almost every episode.  That allowed Leslie’s campaign to be in the center of our heads for the entire season.

I still believe Modern Family is a good TV show, but certainly not the best on television.  In my recent Emmy wishlist, I put Parks and RecLouieCommunityCurb Your Enthusiasm, Veep, and Archer ahead of Modern Family.  Yet there it is a 100% guarantee Modern Family will get a best comedy nomination.  That’s not a bad thing, but I would be really annoyed if it wins again.  Just because a show’s insanely popular, doesn’t make it the best in television.  And while there are many things I respect about the show, I can’t quite love it for its consistent unevenness.



  1. I Agree, Sir. I Enjoy The Show Somewhat, But I Don’t Consider It The Best TV Comedy Going. I Actually Found “The Middle” To Be Funnier Than “Modern Family” And That’s Simply Because It’s Easier To Relate To. At Least, For Someone Living In A Smaller Town In The Midwest As I Do. I’m Honestly Unsure What I Would Call The Funniest Show On TV. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Would Probably Get My First Vote.
    I’ll Have To Think About It, I Suppose.

    • I’ve seen The Middle and thought it was very funny. It doesn’t get enough attention as it should.

      The Daily Show usually gets me laughing out loud in each episode, so I might pick that as number one as well too. Thanks for commenting.

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