Posted by: ckckred | June 12, 2012

Trailer Analysis: Hyde Park on Hudson

I heard about Hyde Park on Hudson a week ago, and the film immediately got my interest.  I’m an enormous history buff, and big fan of Bill Murray, who I think people underestimate as an actor.  Not only is he a funny comedian, but he’s also a great drama actor too.

I saw this trailer yesterday during the showing of Moonrise Kingdom, and just by seeing it, I think Hyde Park on Hudson will be an Oscar contender this year.  The premise is that the King and Queen of England come to the United States to meet President FDR (played by Murray here).

I was quite impressed by the trailer.  Just by looking at it, there are fantastic performances and a clever script.  I’m definitely going to add it to my schedule, and I’m excited to see this one.


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