Posted by: ckckred | June 9, 2012

Emmy Nominations: If I Picked Them

Hollywood’s favorite award show (besides the Oscars) is going to announce their nominations in a month

Since everyone’s coming up with their dream Emmy nominations, I though I should do the same.  I’m going to name my favorites for the drama and comedy categories, and add some commentary below.  Oh yeah, the order doesn’t matter for ranking, and I’m prone to changing my mind on any one of these.


Breaking Bad

Mad Men



Game of Thrones

Downton Abbey

First, I’d like to say that Sherlock is being submitted to the Miniseries category.  If it was submitted for Drama, I’d definitely add it in.  The first five seemed to be obvious picks to me, so I just decided to pick Downton Abbey to throw in a bone, though it’s a fine show nevertheless.

It’s likely that Justified won’t be nominated and Boardwalk Empire or The Good Wife will.  I can live with that, but I really want Justified to get a nomination.


Parks and Recreation



Curb Your Enthusiasm



I’m not sure if Archer is being submitted in the Comedy or Animation category, so I’ll just keep it here.  With the exception of Parks and Rec and Community, all of these are cable shows.  There’s an 100% guarantee that Modern Family will get a nomination which is okay (if Archer wasn’t nominated, I’d pick that).

Oh yeah, some might tell me about my omission of Girls.  I actually haven’t seen that, mostly because it doesn’t seem like my kind of show, but I might give it a chance later this year.

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