Posted by: ckckred | June 7, 2012

Why a Justice League Movie is a bad idea

Imagine Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, the Martian Manhunter, and Ryan Reynolds all in a movie

Ever since the success of The Avengers, Warner Bros. has been interested in making a movie of DC’s own superhero team, the Justice League.  So where the Avengers features Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk, the Justice League has Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

And now, Warner Bros. has announced that the film will be made and will be written by Will Beall.  Now let me just say this is, plain and simple, a bad idea.

The reason why a Justice League movie wouldn’t work isn’t just because it looks like the producers are trying to rip-off Marvel’s success, though that’s partially why.  The main reason is that the superheroes of the Justice League already have their own movies, each with a different tone.

Consider Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.  He made what appeared to be a fallen series into a dark character drama that’s more gritty and violent than other superhero movies.  I saw that as the Batman series’ greatest strength, and it’s why I consider The Dark Knight to be the best superhero film ever made.  It’s a thriller that respects the darkness of its character instead of being an advertisement for toys and video games.

Now let’s examine The Green Lantern, which was one of the worst films of last year.  The concept of the hero was way too cartoonish (a guy gets powers from a magical ring made by an alien race), and the filmmakers worsened the movie with a terrible script, bad actors, and creepy special effects.  It was an unintentionally laughable movie film that was critically maligned, flopped at the box office, and so pathetic I actually found myself sympathizing for the villain.

Now imagine The Green Lantern combined with Christopher Nolan’s Batman.  That doesn’t work out.  Putting a dark drama next to a live-action cartoon doesn’t fit.  Not to mention that The Dark Knight Rises is the last of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.  So is Warner Bros. planning to revamp Batman and try to turn it into the next Green Lantern (or even worse, Batman and Robin)?

And I could also mention that DC doesn’t exactly have a good track record in Hollywood.  Other than The Green Lantern, DC also has Catwoman, one of the most critically despised movies of the millennium that swept the Razzies in 2004.  The reboot of Superman in Superman Returns is widely considered to be disappointing for Warner Bros. and remember the failed Wonder Woman pilot from NBC that never got on air?

So I suggest to DC not to make the film.  If they want to duplicate Marvel’s success, they have to use Marvel’s strategy.  Marvel’s films usually combine action with some light hearted comic relief, which allows the movies to  have a likable offbeat charm.  But the Marvel films don’t overuse its cartoonish touch, which is DC’s main problem.  Or DC can do the Justice League without Batman, which I would prefer, though that would probably never happen.  I’m just trying to prevent them from making a big mistake.



  1. It sounds like DC wants all their films going forward to be more realistic and gritty because they think that will automatically spell success like it did for Batman. They don’t seem to realize that Batman works with that formula because he IS gritty and (fairly) realistic.

    A gritty and realistic Aquaman would be one of the funniest things ever.

    • Batman works well as a gritty movie, but he may be the only superhero. I can’t imagine a dark version of Aquaman or Green Lantern.

      DC doesn’t have to make their films like The Dark Knight or Marvel’s, but they have to come with their own tone. They certainly can’t have another Catwoman or Green Lantern. Thanks for commenting.

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