Posted by: ckckred | June 5, 2012

The Mad Men Watch: Commissions and Fees

Lane Pryce, one of my favorite characters of Mad Men, ends his turn on the show

Note: If you haven’t tuned in for the latest episode for Mad Men, don’t read.  MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS (yes, I cannot emphasize this enough)

Mad Men ends its season pretty soon, with just one more episode to go.  And the show has ramped up major events in the last few episodes.  In the previous one, Peggy quit her job at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  And in this one, Lane Pryce met his end.

I’ve always liked Pryce on the show, despite the fact I probably shouldn’t.  He’s had my favorite moment this season, where he beat up Pete.  And he’s one of the calmest characters compared to the others on Mad Men.

At least until he stole money from the company and forged Don’s signature, leading Don to ask Pryce to resign.  But even then, I still was hoping the best for Pryce.  Sure, he did something illegal and terrible for the agency, but he cared about his wife and son.

And so I was sad that he hung himself in the end of the episode.  Was he a moral person, or was he selfish enough to steal money just to pay off a 13 day loan?  I refuse to accept the second half, yet it appears irrefutable that it’s true.

But the most impact in the episode came from Don’s reaction.  Is it Don’s fault for Pryce’s death?  Is he responsible?  He clearly appeared to look guilty, but was it really his fault?

The Sally-Glen subplot felt sort of weak to me, but it did little to detract from the episode overall.  I enjoyed “Far Away Places” and “Christmas Waltz” better than “Commissions and Fees,” but the episode was still good overall, nevertheless.

And we have only one more episode to go.  Oh yeah, did anyone else notice AMC’s ads against Dish using clips from Mad Men?  Fortunately I have cable, so I don’t need to worry about that.



  1. Our TiVo decided to crap out 45 minutes into the episode so I had to watch the rerun that plays a few hours later.
    Stunning episode. I can’t even imagine what kind of bombshells they have in store for the finale…

    • Me neither. I’m wondering if the writers are going to drop a bombshell as big as last season’s. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next episode, but it’s sure to be stunning.

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